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Director of Creative Works at Google, Podcast Host of HUMAN CODE, Change Agent on Creativity, Innovation & Disruption, Member of the Board of Directors for ENDI Corp.

In an age characterized by technological disruption and constantly evolving workforce dynamics, the way we perceive our roles, teams, and creative potential has undergone significant transformation. However, amidst these changes, a new avenue for growth has emerged. This path is paved by inspiring every member of an organization, from leaders to individual contributors, to harness different and untapped facets of their personalities in the workplace, thereby fostering curiosity, creativity, innovation, and action-oriented mindsets. This is what Global Speaker and Director of Creative Works at Google Abigail Posner refers to as Cracking Creativity with the Expansiveness Edge.

In her role at Google, Posner has experienced more shifting tides than most, and she has always embraced change with a focus on how our most human qualities bring about the most innovative change. Borrowing from her own extensive background in the worlds of advertising, product development, technology, neuroscience and anthropology, she reveals how we can tap into our innate sense of creativity and yield a profound difference in the roles we play in our organizations. She highlights that every individual's contribution is crucial, and organizations must tap into the collective creativity and innovative thinking of their entire workforce to stay ahead of the curve.

Posner is renowned for her ability to inspire individuals across all levels of an organization to tap into their inherent creativity and embrace their unique perspectives. Through her concept of Cracking Creativity with the Expansiveness Edge, she shares the nuanced opportunities that exist when we empower individual contributors to explore different ways of applying their unique interests and skill sets.

Posner's commitment to human-centric approaches is evident in her groundbreaking research initiative at Google, Humanizing Digital, which explores the profound emotional connections between individuals and technology. This pioneering thought leadership series decodes technology in an inspiring and practical manner, reflecting Posner's dedication to understanding the "why" behind our interactions with digital spaces.

With a background in social anthropology from Harvard University, Posner seamlessly merges academic insights with real-world applications in advertising and technology. Her podcast, Human Code, further amplifies her mission to bridge the gap between humanity and technology, offering thought-provoking discussions on innovation and creativity.

Posner's influence extends beyond her role at Google, as she actively participates in key conferences worldwide, addressing audiences on the intersection of humanity and technology. Recognized for her contributions, she has been honored with the prestigious Media Impact Award from the UN and holds positions on various advisory boards, including ENDI Corp and SwiftArc Ventures.

Through her thought leadership and impactful engagements, Posner Posner continues to shape the conversation on creativity and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the global business landscape.

Speech Topics

The Expansiveness Edge

Expansiveness is about a holistic approach to strategy and engagement that embraces all of the unique skill sets, passions and idiosyncrasies of people. It is with this deeply human focus on what makes each of us tick, where we can start to create new possibilities by weaving our different perspectives together. At our core, we are naturally creative, but some people feel so far removed from their creative and innovative selves. Understanding the framework for easily tapping into creativity, especially in highly disruptive times, is critical to productivity and growth . This type of expansiveness provides the necessary edge for individuals, teams and organizations to create a culture of connectivity on many levels.

  • Unlocking Human Potential: Discover how embracing the unique qualities, passions, and creativity of individuals can unlock untapped human potential within teams and organizations. Learn practical strategies to harness this diversity to drive innovation and productivity.
  • Navigating Disruption with Creativity: Gain insights into a framework for easily tapping into your innate creativity and fostering it within your teams. Understand why creativity is a cornerstone for thriving in highly disruptive times and how it can be harnessed to adapt, evolve, and seize new opportunities.
  • Creating a Culture of Connectivity: Explore the essential role expansiveness plays in fostering a culture of connectivity on multiple levels. Learn how weaving diverse perspectives together can enhance collaboration, strengthen team dynamics, and propel organizations forward in an interconnected world.

Cracking Creativity

Reimaging AI and Creativity for Greater Personal & Team Growth

Many discussions revolve around the advent of AI and how it is infiltrating the way we work at a breakneck pace. The companies that remind themselves that AI is a tool and not a solution will take one step closer to harnessing the power of this for their own good. Leaders that understand and acknowledge that in reality AI is opening the door for more creativity and innovation from the human side, are the ones that will maintain their authenticity and thrive in this new world of tech dominance.

Leveraging aspects of anthropology, neuroscience, brand development and engineering practices, Abigail shows us how to leverage the moment to enhance our innovative and creative powers.

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