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Author of The Skinny DIary who naturally lost 135 pounds and inspires results!

For most of my life I was obese As a young teen I was a large girl, in my 20s I was close to 200 pounds, and in my 30s, after having my two sons, I reached almost 300 pounds and stayed in that range until I was almost 50. A series of events made me realize I would never have a healthy, long life if I did not make some lifestyle changes soon!

I had heard of the surgeries and drugs obese people were relying on to lose weight, but my new holistic approach to health prevented me from even considering these options they often seemed to create more problems than successes!

I started walking, ate a little healthier, and stopped consuming everything with the word DIE-T in it! I had realized most of the people I knew who drank DIE-T sodas were obese, including me So I started to drink healthy, pure water instead. I stopped eating fast food, added lots of fruits and veggies and cut back on WHITES Sugar and Flour.

Before I knew it, I had lost 40 pounds, but sadly, no one even noticed! In spite of that, I kept it off for over 3 years. My 21 year marriage ended in divorce and eventually I released another 90 plus pounds, by just making healthier choices most of the time. For over 3 years, I have successfully kept well over 100 pounds off, releasing a total of over 130 pounds. All of this without surgery, without medication, and without consuming anything with the word DIET in it by merely making healthier choices in nutrition, exercise and mindset. I used to battle asthma, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, lived with physical pain and the embarrassment of being overweight and finally took charge of my life by getting my weight under control. I now wear a size 8 instead of 28! I eat what I desire in reasonable amounts and live a happy, RADIANTLY HEALTHY life! I have a few more pounds to release, but know that is happening and I am confident that making better choices most of the time will reward me by reaching my goal.

I attracted people into my life to support me and realized I was WORTHY of the time, energy and resources I had always given to everyone else! YES I AM WORTHY! And YOU ARE TOO! I have learned about MINDSET, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS and VISUALIZATION and how to use these concepts to make being RADIANTLY HEALTHY fun and easily attainable! I also realized I could not DO LIFE alone and accepted the support of coaches, an accountability partner and many inspiring friends.

I have spent the past several years preparing to help others get their lives back perfecting my speaking skills, becoming a Health Coach and now, it is time to live my true purpose in life To inspire others who are ready to realize they too can have it all and BE RADIANTLY HEALTHY! The fact that YOU are reading this is a good sign. My goal is to help YOU realize how simple living a RADIANTLY HEALTHY life can be.

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