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Courage Coach, Entrepreneur & Branding Consultant

As a journalist turned marketer, Adrian Parker’s stories have opened the minds and wallets of consumers across the world. In 2020, he was inducted into the American Advertising Hall of Achievement for his efforts in pioneering creativity, technology, and diversity in the industry for more than 20 years. Parker has led award-winning advertising campaigns for products like Patrón tequila, Nike footwear, and Apple iPhones but he believes his boldest work lies ahead.

In 2021, Parker left the executive job he loved to pursue the work he wants to do next - empowering courageous change in work, family and faith. This messy journey of rediscovery is captured on UNFOLLOW, a podcast series available on iTunes and Spotify.

Parker is a part-time business advisor, full-time father of 3 young kids, and lucky husband to a patient preschool teacher. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University’s journalism school and holds certifications in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University and Executive Management from Harvard Business School. When he’s not writing or working, any spare time and money are invested in a handful of global organizations at the frontlines of advancing equity and empowering future leaders of color.

Speech Topics

How Courage Works

Courage is transferable, renewable and it compounds over time as we use it for others. So how can courage become a weapon for change, a safe house for love, and an accelerant for truth in a world where fear seems to be in surplus?

  • Why there is a courage shortage in the workplace & what causes it
  • What courage really is… and what it’s not
  • The 3 types of courage
  • How to build courage as a competitive advantage

Ideal For: Teams going through volatility that need a roadmap for navigating ambiguity.

Leading Change Like a JERK

85% of business transformations fail. 50% of new hires will quit, be fired or face-plant in the first 18 months. The only way to conquer a corporate change or kick butt in a new job without losing your sanity is to stop people-pleasing, start prioritizing and commit to being a J.E.R.K.: a Journalist, Engineer, Ringmaster and Knight.

J.E.R.K. is a process, not a person. These four unique skill sets create bias-proof beginnings for sustained success: 1. Ask courageous questions like a Journalist 2. Design ugly problems like an Engineer 3. Link actions to results like a Ringmaster 4. Pick a big fight like a Knight

Ideal For: New leaders and emerging talent dealing with career transitions or growth opportunities

Don’t Put That In Writing: Anti-Racist Leadership For Unrealistic Leaders

It’s never been more uncomfortable yet critical to continue to talk about racism in our companies, communities and ourselves. In this interactive workshop, attendees will learn:

  1. How to uncover your/your brand's true stance on equity
  2. How to identify the five most common responses to injustice and recenter on being anti-racist.
  3. Available tools, activities, and resources to better unite teams for belonging

Ideal For: Teams committed to change who need help building a language of alignment.

Diversity by Design: How Awkwardly Courageous Companies Avoid The Diversity Decoy

A hands-on conversation about the hardest part of leading change - changing! This keynote delivers proven diagnostic tools to quickly assess your DEI targets and begin leading teams, managers & executives toward a true version of courageous belonging - by design.

Ideal For: Leaders responsible for delivering DEI outcomes

WTF: How to Win at Work Without Sacrificing What Matters Most

Are you a Workaholic or yes? Your problem is not discipline, dedication or organization. Your problem is not time management, it’s priority management. Since there’s not enough time to get everything done, how can leaders build a culture of trust, accountability and healthy habits that allow teams to be their best selves - at work and at home? This fun, interactive keynote is accessible yet powerful in tackling our tough questions about WTF (Work, Time & Family).

Ideal For: Senior leaders in the midst of cultural change or teams trying to establish new organizational health outcomes.

Change Your Mine: Getting Ahead By Letting Go

Every 3-year-old’s favorite word is “mine.” But as we grow up, our “possession obsession” often transfers from toys and blankets to people and stuff. But what happens when we let go of the things we don’t own to grab hold of something better?

Ideal For: Conferences or faith groups seeking a vulnerable, challenging highlight to their event.

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