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Leading Expert on Brand Purpose & Marketing Innovation; Author of "Good is the New Cool: How Capitalism Can Save the World"

Afdhel is one the world's leading experts on brand purpose, marketing innovation and how business can be a force for good. Based in Los Angeles, California, he is also Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Conspiracy of Love, a social impact consultancy that advises Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, Sonos, Bacardi, Mars and Coty how to 'make money AND do good by harnessing the power of cool.'

He is the co-author of the best-selling book "Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn" which explores how brands like Warby Parker, The Honest Company and Zappos attract loyal customers through their mission of ‘doing well by doing good’ - and also retain the best talent by helping employees find meaningfulness in their work.

For 20 years, he was an award-winning international marketer in London and New York, leading brands at Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Nokia and Absolut Vodka, where he created and ran the marketing innovation-focused Absolut Labs, focusing on VR, AR, and IOT, that was praised by Forbes as 'one of Top 3 marketing innovation labs to emulate.'

An expert on brand partnerships and pop culture, he has worked with world-class artists such as Lady Gaga, Deadmau5 and Kanye West, as well as diverse partners like the TED Conferences, Art Basel, Coachella Festival, and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Examples of his work include Absolut Reality, the world’s first live-streamed virtual reality concert; Absolut Deadmau5, a groundbreaking video game with electronic music superstar Deadmau5; and Absolut Open Canvas, which transformed entire city blocks in Brooklyn and San Francisco into contemporary art installations.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Vice, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, The Guardian, Coolhunting, Billboard, Hypebeast, Mashable and more.

Speech Topics

Good is the New Cool: How to Market to Millennials and Gen-Z Consumers

In this inspiring and motivational talk, Afdhel shows how business can be a force for good, by balancing profit with the needs of their consumers and communities. He shares some of the insights from researching purpose-driven brands like Warby Parker, Adidas, The Honest Company and Zappos, who are creating a revolution in business by ‘doing well by doing good’. Thought-provoking principles from his book ‘Good is the New Cool' like 'Think Citizens Not Consumers’, 'People are the New Media' and ‘Don’t Advertise Solve Problems'' will help businesses future-proof for the Millennial and Gen-Z generations of conscious consumers - and also attract the best employee talent who are drawn to organizations where they can do meaningful work.’ Afdhel has customized this talk to make it relevant for many industries from CPG, Energy and Fashion to Real Estate, Technology and Hospitality, and is happy to create a bespoke version for your needs. Watch him get a standing ovation at the National Apartment Association conference below.

How to Love Your Work in the 21st Century: How to Motivate Millennial and Gen-Z Employees

In this talk, Afdhel explores the existential crisis facing humanity in the 21st century: the fact that only 13% of people like what they do for a living. Especially with Millennials and Gen-Z entering the workforce, companies need to find new ways to attract and retain the best talent by showing them how their work ladders up to positive social and environmental impact. Using powerful stories of everyday people who have found ways to do extraordinary things in their work, and unlock their purpose, he shows how people within corporations can unlock their purpose, using the revolutionary 'GPS to Purpose' model which asks: What are your Gifts? What are your Passions? How can you be of Service to others?

Good is the New Cool: The Power of Purpose

Purpose is the buzzword of the moment, with billion-dollar purpose-driven brands like Tesla, Patagonia and Airbnb leading the cultural revolution around business as a force for good. But what is brand purpose? What are some of the myths and misconceptions around it? How can older companies reverse-engineer it into their DNA in an authentic and meaningful way? And how can leaders harness its power in order to create compelling brand propositions for a new generation of socially-aware consumers - as well as attracting the best employee talent who want to do meaningful work? In this illuminating talk, Afdhel Aziz shares examples of brands from Starbucks, Facebook, Tesla, Patagonia and many others to help introduce the topic in a clear and insightful way.


The Power Of Purpose: The Business Case For Purpose (All The ...

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