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Al Lucia    

Speaker, Consultant, Coach, and Author

Whether it be through dynamic keynote presentations, interactive workshops or focused round table discussions, Al Lucia provides practical, proven ways to deal with today's real-world leadership challenges. He brings a unique blend of knowledge, energy, presentation skills and "street-savvy" experience to important issues such as employee engagement and productivity, talent management and retention, generational differences and work-life balance.

Al's presentations are based on the experience he shares in his latest book The Street Savvy Leader - Get Real. Get Results. The book is a compilatioin of the awareness and leadership techniques he has taught throughout the years.

He engages audiences by asking "How you doin'?" as only he can. Then he leads them on a journey of discovery as they explore leadership strategies and solutions - flavored and supported by his life experiences that started in the streets of Philadelphia.

His message has been presented to literally hundreds of organizations including Caterpillar, Inc., OfficeMax, ExxonMobil, Scottish Rite Hospital, American Red Cross, Wal-Mart, Gaylor Hotels, the Society for Human Resource Management, the American Society for Training & Development, the American Management Association, Con-way, and Metting Professionals International.

There are many presenters and facilitators who can competently address leadership topics, few can match Al Lucia's total package of experience, communication skills, and credibility. That's why he is a sought after speaker, consultant and executive coach who keeps in toucn with the real world of business and the real world of life.


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Speech Topics


Current surveys clearly indicate an alarming percentage of employees are not fully engaged in their work. That poses a huge challenge for leaders who face continued pressure to influence the performance of these same employees toward improving bottom-line results. This interactive presentation addresses that dilemma head-on by identifying many proven and practical techniques that your leaders can easily implement.


Ironically, determining the impact of any organization's most valuable assets - its people - is so important and yet so difficult to do. While a handful of HR professionals have "broken the code," the vast majority continue to struggle with this seemingly timeless challenge. In this lively and interactive presentation, participants identify and understand several factors that can be measured - including those that need to be quantified regardless of any specific, "provable" return on investment. And they learn practical. proven measurement techniques that can immediately be implemented back on the job.


In this powerful and interactive presentation, employees at all levels answer one of today's most critical business questions: personal action strategies for turning reasons and good intentions into actual behaviors. Why should I bother to be truly engaged in my job? Going beyond typical byproducts such as improved customer service, increased revenue, and enhanced organizational reputation, participants identify the personal benefits to be gained through workplace commitment and involvement. And, they develop personal action strategies for turning reasons and good intentions into actual behaviors.

These presentations can be delivered in various formats - from 45-minute keynotes, to half or full-day workshops.

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