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Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author of When the Drumbeat Changes Dance a Different Dance

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Albert Mensah is a widely sought after and internationally recognized speaker, author and humanitarian. Mensah is author of When the Drumbeat Changes Dance a Different Dance.

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An American citizen since 1994, Albert Mensah's success story began in the impoverished nation of Ghana, West Africa. Armed with a vision and bolstered by a dream, he developed an action plan that surpassed all barriers because he knew innately that obstacles are just opportunities in disguise.

Today Albert Mensah introduces audiences worldwide to their own opportunities through the power of stories based on personal experience and measurable success. He sets the stage by first appearing in traditional Adinkra garb accompanied by the music and visuals of his homeland. Mensah then illustrates not only his own transformation, but the possibility for everyone's transformation by revealing the business-suited executive hidden beneath the Adinkra robe. The opportunities were there all the time; they were simply cloaked by obstacles.

Mensah acquaints his audiences with the dynamic energy of their own dreams, their own opportunities and their own possibilities to flourish.

Suggested Programs  

-When The Drumbeat Changes Dance A Different Dance

-Shake Off Your Fear Snakes

-Opportunity is Always Knocking

-Building a Family Life Full of Love


Speech Topics


(Change and Stress Management Keynote) Through mesmerizing, highly relevant stories, Albert will inspire you and your organization to recognize opportunity in its many disguises, create more opportunities out of your obstacles, act strategically in the midst of change, and learn that the courage to try new ideas is infinitely more powerful than your circumstances.


(Motivational / Inspirational Keynote) This closing keynote will inspire your attendees to return to everyday activities renewed and rekindled. Discover how to view problems you encounter as opportunities, develop success from failure, see and seize opportunities that are all around you, and create opportunities where they don't seem to exist.


(Mastering Fear Keynote) This opening keynote will set the tone for the rest of your meeting or conference. It's filled with stories and messages from Africa that appeal to the heart and the head. Only when a person learns to confront and ultimately overcome their fear snakes can they then be free to move toward their goals, to accomplish the things that they want to in life, to become the person they want to become.


(Spouse Program) In this program specially designed for breakout spouse programs, Albert brings a different perspective on raising children through the eyes of an African father.


Albert Mensah Listed Among the World's top 60

Seattle, Washington October 13, 2014: Albert Mensah, who came to the United States from his home in the Ghanaian countryside in Abesewa Ashanti, was recently designated a top ranking motivational speaker by Hunger2Succeed, an organization which assists people from underserved communities to accomplish their most desirable goals and dreams.

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