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Alex Molden      

Former NFL Player Turned Author, Personal Development Coach & Podcast Host

Alex Molden was drafted in the 1st round (11th overall) of the 1996 NFL draft. He played 8-years (Saints, Chargers & Lions) battling some of the best athletes on Earth. Because of injuries he was forced to retire from the game that he loved in 2005. Playing for 7 different head coaches in 8-years in the NFL, Molden knows a thing or two about change, culture, influence and how to navigate the pitfall of having your identity intertwined with your platform & ability.

Molden is now a Personal Development/Leadership Speaker and Coach. His main focus is to strengthen team collaborations, communication & transparency using his leadership blueprint. His blueprint has given many individuals, organizations and executives PROVEN SOLUTIONS to help them build a more galvanized team. It starts with knowing the foundational principles of leadership which is influence; nothing moreā€¦.nothing less.

Speech Topics

Adapting to Change

Change is a necessity that we all must endure. Discover new ways of increasing productivity for employees by creating a system that allows for a smooth transition. These are proven methods that rings true in both sport and business worlds. Having 7 head coaches and 7 position coaches in 8 years in the NFL along with 2 head coaches and 3 position coaches in college taught Alex a lot about having a system and mindset in place for change.

This program is perfect for:

?-Teams struggling with adapting to change in leadership or policy -Senior management who have teams who are having a difficult time adapting to a new culture in the workplace.

The audience will leave with:

?-teams will leave with a new sense of value and what positive attributes comes with having a new change in leadership. -individuals will understand how to communicate better with their new co-workers no matter what the circumstance is.

Overcoming Adversity

In every walk of life there will be a time when you get placed in situations where you feel like there is a mountain of adversity. But with every step there is a chance to learn and apply new ways of thinking. With the right discipline these moments of adversity can help you see the next step and pitfall helping you become a better leader and mentor for your business, workplace or family.

This program is perfect for:

?-individuals or teams that are in the sales industry.

The audience will leave with:

?-An understanding of how to overcome fears of being told "no" and how to shift your mindset to create opportunities for success. -Sales teams will learn foundational tools that will increase sales no matter the product.

The 4A's That All Successful Teams Follow

Do you know the easiest path to winning as a team? Or wandering what are the steps that only the most successful teams know how to take? Using Alex's patented 4A's of successful teams will help your team understand how to leverage their skills for the team's benefit. At the root of every level of a great team environment are these 4 elements. When members of a team understand the expectations, appropriate alignment and readiness as well as the adjustments that the business world can throw at you and have the ability to measure key components of success.....that's when the magic happens.

This program is perfect for:

?-teams struggling with performance and working towards a common goal. -teams unable to adjust to their work environment (new boss, new co-workers, new strategy,etc.) -teams struggling with assessments and feedback for individual performance. -teams who are having a difficult time understanding the importance of their role and how it can affect their teammates.

The audience will leave with:

?-Techniques that they can immediately implement to build a more cohesive unit with a great culture & more productivity.

Leaders leave clues

In 2001, everyone knew that "LT" was going to be a very special running back, but Drew Bree's was special in his own way. He was a leader of men & I was lucky enough to have a locker right smack dab in between these two future Hall of Famers. Even as a 8-year NFL veteran I realized that we are only limited by the people or things that we allow to limit us and if you surround yourself with people that have the right mindset, vision & leadership qualities, the sky's the limit."

This program is perfect for:

?-Senior management, Managers, organizations that are struggling with leadership issues.

The audience will leave with:

-keys to unlock what it means to lead a team. Following leadership principles that works, no matter what the industry. -A new understanding of what "real" communication looks and feels like. -Will realize the difference between positional leadership vs. relational leadership and how leaders should be communicating.

Culture & Character

Alex has developed this presentation by pulling from his role as a captain of the University of Oregon football program that won the prestigious Pac-10 Championship and put them in the Rose bowl for the first time in 37 years, even after starting the season 1-2! With Alex's leadership, the team worked hard to establish a deeper relationship with one another that allowed them to refocus and come together for one common cause & in the process rewrite U of O HISTORY. But we had to find the bad apple and lead him first!

This program is perfect for:

-College sports teams or Start-up companies seeking structure for developing a winning culture.

The audience will leave with:

-Defining the obstacles in the way. -Creating a strategy to break bad habits. -Working with your team to determine where they are now and where they need to be for greater success. -Guidelines to enhance communication and support within the team.

Keep a shark in your tank!

In Japan, the fisherman would put a small shark in their fishing boat tanks to keep the fish fresh and moving. "In 2002 the San Diego Chargers put a young shark in my tank....his name was Quentin Jammer and he was selected 5th overall. He was a very talented and gifted athlete who was drafted to take my job. During the most stressful year of my NFL career, I had the most success. In this program I will share the keys of success that you can use to thrive under the most intense pressure." This program is perfect for:

-teams struggling with seeing their worth. -individuals or organizations who are lacking motivation. -need inspiration to push through difficult times.

The audience will leave with:

-Team members will come away inspired to commit not just comply. -Teachings on how to turn lemons to lemonade! -A system that you can follow that will cause you to increase your productivity while leading others.

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