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Actress, Writer, Television Personality, Talk Radio Host, Thought Leader & Author of (The Naked Truth: Lies Stripped...)

Alex Okoroji also known (The Queen of Expression) is a Nigerian Actress and Multiple Award-Winning Media Personality who has managed to successfully reinvent herself at every stage of her career, empowering people globally with the freedom to express their greatness using The Naked Philosophy. Since her debut on Television as the foreigner "Daisy" in 'Heaven's Gate' or the rebel "Ajuma" in "US" the entitled "Betty" in the popular Nigerian soap opera "Spider" or playing the feisty lawyer "Susan" on Tinsel across Africa among other TV Features and Movies.

She has been featured in over 250 Media Platforms around the world including The Guardian, Huffington Post, CNN, The Telegraph, Mogul, The Sun and many more. She is also ranked one of the Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World by Richtopia, Honored with a WEF Iconic Woman Award at the Annual Global Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India and Listed in 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List). She WAS SPOTLIGHTED as 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, A 2016 Cover Guardian Woman, An International Ambassador for ‎SheMatters Movement, An International Contributor for THE HUFFINGTON POST, The First "African Woman Living In Africa" to be featured alongside some of the world's most respected and celebrated powerhouse women on WOMEN ROCK PROJECT, Member of the Advisory Executive Council (AEC) for the WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF 2017) and a Women Mentoring Women's Mentor for Idea Builders Global Initiative.

She is the Author of the highly acclaimed Self-help book - THE NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped… and STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS For Creatives., she is the Host of THE NAKED TALK radio show. The Facilitator of THE NAKED CHALLENGE Webinars, The Head Coach at THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY, the Founder of THE NAKED MOVEMENT, Editor in Chief of BRAG magazine and President of THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers. 

As a Thought Leader SHE authors her own personal blog "ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS", a platform where she writes authentic articles about her experiences and voices her random unfiltered thoughts on Love| Life| Sex| Inspiration| Career and Reinvention...whilst using it as a medium to empower her readers . She is popularly known for championing the movement for Raw and Honest Expression.... using her creative skills as a medium to promote a PRESENCE of MIND.

She is an Advocate for EXPRESSION, a Reinvention Activist and a Multi-Platform Ambassador for Self Empowerment & Transformation - who spends her days building her purpose, promoting expression and Empowering people Globally to live their AUTHENTIC BEST, using her NAKED Philosophy.

Speech Topics

Expression Is A Sign Of Strength, Not Weakness

Many people are ashamed of truly revealing who they are and what they feel inside, because they worry so much about being judged or meeting societal expectations. This topic expands on why it's important to build a 'Presence of Mind' - and how to bridge the illusory gap between EXPRESSION and as to reap the immense benefits of being an expressive individual.

REINVENTION Is The Key To Transformation

One of the amazing things about TRANSFORMATION is that many times, it will require us to "break" FIRST... So we can "go through" some needed changes... And then get that amazing BREAKTHROUGH we deserve. We all need to continuously evolve and transform our lives...and to do so, REINVENTION is the key to making that transformation happen, by removing all the things that don’t serve us—the job we hate, the toxic friendships and relationships, stagnant 9-5’s, harmful behaviours, negative thought patterns, a failing business and, well, just things we simply don’t want to do—in order to free up our lives for greater success.

The NAKED Road To Personal & Business Success

We can all be successful. Just like success – being NAKED requires us to be bold, daring and fearless in our pursuit. The key lies within our own mindset to strip down barriers and think outside the box - while experiencing a mental SHIFT in the core premise of our thoughts, feelings towards our goals and necessary ACTIONS we must take to move us from where we are right now, to where we want to be. It's our ability to accept challenges, embrace reinvention & applying creativity in order to achieve personal transformation and business success.

This keynote will give you deeper insights into 'The NAKED Philosophy', the process, principles and strategies and how you can utilize them to peel off layers of limiting beliefs and obstacles in your path… to reclaim the success story that already belongs to you and awaits you to STIR it up


Alex Okoroji to Join The Panel of Thought Leaders Speaking at the 2018 Leap and Shine Virtual Summit
Alex Okoroji alonside The Boldness Coach - Vaneese Johnson, Corey Hicks and Uchenna Ilo will speak at the 2018 Leap and Shine Conference hosted by Clara Rufai
Alex Okoroji to Join The Panel of Thought Leaders Speaking at the 2018 Leap and Shine Virtual Summit
Ever wondered what would happen if you tie your arm to your shoulders and leave it there long enough? It becomes useless and no longer serves it's purpose! That's exactly what happens when we do not use our gifts. Gifts unused become unproductive - simple fact of life! So, how do you harness your gifts and AUDACIOUSLY shine the spotlight on your brilliance? How do you acquire the audacity to shine? Well, Leap and Shine Virtual summit 2018 is all about PARADIGM-SHIFTING and LIFE-DEFINING conversations with GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADERS! These conversations are life-changing partly and provide an INTERACTIVE and TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE, bringing together Global Thought Leaders with the aim to INSPIRE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER individuals to break free from their prison of LIMITATION and take a LEAP into their SHINE ZONE. The speakers at this year's LSC Virtual Summit are: Clara Rufai, Vaneese Johnson, Corey Hicks, Uchenna Ilo and Alex Okoroji. Gain FRESH INSIGHT on how to take your dreams and aspirations to the NEXT LEVEL.
Nigerian Actress, Writer & Talk Radio Host – Alex Okoroji who was recently ranked one of the Top 250 Most Influential Women Leaders in the World by Richtopia, will be receiving the prestigious WEF17 ICONIC WOMAN AWARD for “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” at the 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum (WEF) in New Delhi, India. Alex who recently ?appeared in a special edition of the Television Game Show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”as a Celebrity Guest on the HOT SEAT played alongside Tosin Ajirire, Entertainment Editor at The Sun Newspaper on behalf of Charity – for Mama Dada and the Dada Marquis Foundation hit the 2 Million naira mark (Highest Celebrity win) on the show.
Alex Okoroji Ranked 169th Most Influential Woman In The World
The daughter of the Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and CEO, TOPS, Chief Tony Okoroji has congratulated his first daughter, Alex Okoroji who was recently listed as one of the top 250 most influential women in the world by Richtopia, the world-renowned UK based digital platform famous for their global lists. The widely followed writer and International Talk Radio Host famous for ‘The Naked Talk’ is currently ranked as the No 169 most influential woman in the world. Currently at No1 is the American Democratic Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama is at No 6, and British Prime Minister, Theresa May is currently at No 22. Media personalities in the list include the author, J.K. Rowling at No 3, Oprah Winfrey at No 4, Ellen Degeneres at No 20 and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at No 28. Three other Nigerian women are on the list. They are Oby Ezekwesili at 93, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala at 156 and Abike Dabiri at 161, while Alex is the fourth Nigerian Woman to be listed.
Alex Okoroji will be speaking at the 2017 Women Economic Forum (WEF) Happening May 8th - 13th In New Delhi, India
Alex Okoroji is now a member of Advisory Executive Council (AEC) of the Women Economic Forum, under Theme Vertical 18 and will be speaking in the area of Understanding Business Globalisation, Creativity and Innovative Leadership.
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Aex Okoroji is one of The 11 Industry Experts at Amy Walker's Give Grattitude Summit
Gratitude is more than a way of life, it's a powerful business tool.. GGS has assembled 11 of the most successful givers they know to share with you - their insights on gratitude and how meaningful giving can elevate and positively impact your business and your life from Nov 14-19, 2016. Catch Alex Okoroji's session on Day 1 of GGS.
Alex Okoroji Speaks at The 2016 Women's Virtual Success Summit (WVSS)
Alex Okoroji will be Joining Over 50 Women & Men from 6 continents as key presenters at the upcoming Women’s Virtual Success Summit, taking place globally online on September 2nd - 5th. She will speaking on Day 2: September 3rd . TOPIC: The NAKED Road to Success: Accepting Challeges, Embracing Reinvention and Applying Creativity.
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