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Alicia Angel  

Disabled Singer/Songwriter, Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate & TEDx Speaker

Alicia Angel is an inspiring and thought-provoking songwriter, visual artist, activist, and speaker with a track record of engaging live audiences on important issues at various events and venues. Alicia has a unique perspective, forged from the transformative fires of trauma and shaped by her personal relationship with nonconformity, that instantly enchants and captures a listener’s attention.

Alicia’s productions about physical, emotional, and sexual violence against women, performed at multiple Universities, showcases her commitment to raising awareness and advocating for change. As both a survivor of violence and a former domestic violence hotline worker, her experience has led to her being asked by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to perform and speak at the National Press Club for the 30th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. Additionally, this powerhouse has appeared on the prestigious TEDx stage, where she delivered an unforgettable message on the importance of “The Adventure of Uncertainty” that resonated with the thousands to date who have had the pleasure of sharing her journey. Alicia has spoken at several music industry-related events, where she highlighted the importance of responsible media representation and on her professional experience of being a songwriter whose work in children’s television has been seen by millions across the globe.

Moreover, Alicia’s charisma and dynamism caught the attention of the pharmaceutical giant, Argenx, who cherry-picked her out of the more than half a million people worldwide who suffer from the rare disease myasthenia gravis to be one of their spokespeople, aligning with her mission of using her unexpected diagnoses to lift others up and make a positive impact within the disabled community. With a memorable presence and inimitable voice, Alicia is sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Speech Topics

Unbroken Record: A Soundtrack of Healing and Education From a Domestic Violence Survivor.

Domestic violence can affect anyone of any race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, or ability and it can even affect a former domestic violence counselor. It's time we face the facts and stop the cycle.

This session features a presentation that dispels myths and reveals hard truths and statistics about domestic violence as it takes the audience on a journey of healing through live musical performance and a music video which was co-directed by 5 survivors that artfully tells their very real, inspiring stories.

Uncertainty, Authenticity, Resilience, Motivation, and Happiness

The Adventure of Uncertainty:

What if our terrifying moments of uncertainty had all the tools to help us build a better version of ourselves? We have the choice to continue to allow fear of the unknown to keep us stuck or to allow it to take us on a wild ride to get to know our most authentic selves.

Joseph Campbell once wrote, “The call to adventure signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his spiritual center of gravity from within the pale of this society to a zone unknown.” When faced with the choice of following the conformist current or braving the open waters of uncertainty, Alicia Angel chose adventure over apprehension, and in doing so, took the first steps on her own authentically wild, terrifying, and joyful path. From the actualizing powers of perception to the evolution-sparking properties of adversity, learn how one woman reengineered the way her consciousness processes experience, and how we all have the tools needed to brave the road less traveled.

Disability, Disability Rights, Chronic Illness, and Resilience

One Billion people are disabled and living in a world built for everyone else.

Disabled people are part of one of the fastest growing communities in the world. Most able-bodied people aren't aware of the lack of access, inclusion, representation, or rights disabled and chronically ill people experience and it's time we change that.

This session highlights the disabled experience through the lens of a woman who was diagnosed with an incurable, life altering neuromuscular disease and shows us the reality of learning to navigate a new, unique set of challenges. The session also addresses inequity within the community and how we can support the most oppressed members of one of our most vulnerable populations

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