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Alicia Korten  

Leading Voice on Values-Led Culture and Workforce Engagement, Award-Winning Author, Creator of the Core Values & Culture Survey

Alicia Korten is a leading voice on building engaged, values-led culture. Her books and curricula include Values Ignite, Values Sustain and Change Philanthropy (Wiley), winner of the Axiom Best Business Book of the Year. She is the creator of the Core Values & Culture Survey, a popular culture instrument that accelerates workforce culture transformation.

Korten has trained and led culture initiatives for household names such as Levi’s, Boehringer-Ingelheim, the Ford Foundation and the United Nations. She is also a passionate supporter of small businesses and cooperatives. Her work has helped clients achieve significant growth turn arounds and catapult forward as values-led industry leaders.

Korten’s interactive sessions, story-based methodologies, and innovative culture tools are inspired by her diverse cross-cultural experiences. She grew up in Asia, and as a Fulbright Scholar, spent several years in Latin America working with the Embera, Wounaan and Kuna Indigenous Peoples in the rainforests of Panama’s mythic Darien Gap. She brings her knowledge of culture, and what makes people tick, into the business world to create engaged, values-led workplace cultures. As a speaker and facilitator, she draws on her decades of unique experiences to offer fresh stories and powerful tools for helping organizations lean into their most deeply held principles to achieve extraordinary results.

Korten is a Brown graduate and is fluent in English and Spanish. She is currently writing her next book on values and culture.

Speech Topics

The Six Principles of Highly Successful Culture Initiatives

In today’s competitive markets, people across industries are looking to strengthen their culture to get ahead. Culture defines what talent you attract and whether good talent stays. Culture determines productivity and fuels profit. How do leaders create a culture that is engaged, aligned and productive? In this interactive keynote, you practice one of the most important culture success principles. Putting these six principles to work will help ensure your organization meets the future with confidence.

Expect to Learn:

  • The six principles that underpin highly successful culture initiatives.
  • Common mistakes leaders make when implementing culture initiatives.
  • Why most culture initiatives fail.
  • The most effective way to start a culture initiative.

Create Powerful Workplace Culture with Values Storying

Stories inspire, educate and connect us to what is important. Yet most organizations are rich in experience but poor in stories. When people connect through stories, they form a heart-connection and learn one another's points of view. New understanding and empathy act as transformative agents that build trust, align teams, and galvanize staff, leaders and other stakeholders around common goals.

Expect to Learn

  • The science-based reasons stories shape culture and build authentic community.
  • Methods for creating a storytelling culture in your organization.
  • How companies are using stories for success.

Values-Led Cultures

In a world experiencing massive change, values provide you and your organization clear direction. Connecting to values helps you understand what is most important. Consistent adherence to values provides a competitive advantage building loyalty among customers and your workforce.

Expect to Learn:

  • Why values create more loyal customers.
  • How values build engaged, aligned and loyal teams.
  • How to find and translate values into aligned and strategic leadership decisions.
  • A model for using values to navigate change.


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