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Allan McLennan    

Co-founder/market leader/advocator in software defined/smart TV, on-demand OTT subscription service originator, and founder data analytics platforms

Allan McLennan is the Founder and Chief Executive of the PADEM Group and is a pivotal innovator and leader in what has been created as well as what is on the horizon in driving the future of multi-platform media & entertainment, AI/Autonomous & connected cars, data intelligence, video and television engagement.

He's been recognized as one of the most broadly informed and connected people in media, entertainment and technology, if fact recently recognized for the second year in a row by the UK based research corporation Informa/Knect365 as one of the Global Connected 100 voices for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.

His long-term vision, strategic thinking and anticipation of marketplace needs today has contributed to helping in the shaping of IP delivery of TV, games and its media services uniquely addressing both the technology and business issues of device fragmentation for technology innovators, service providers and content aggregators.

During his career his combination of entrepreneurial, management and understanding of engineering skills has enabled him to build talented teams that has been in the position to power technological change and create value in the software, hardware and networking sectors around the world. Through PADEM’s direct strategic engagement in global deployment on the new needs in television/video evolution, media, advertising and data growth across platforms he is also keenly in place to contribute to overall industry advancement, debate and growth.

As an accomplished corporate management executive, active digital media/entertainment technology industry analyst and company advisor, serial entrepreneur, Allan is well versed in the global activity surrounding these area and speaks regularly on IP multi-platform, digital media technology advancement, cloud based media/video management, data analytics/advertising and engagement worldwide and is passionate about it.

Allan is currently driving next generation models with key corporations and has contributed to helping over 13 start-ups - start up, a (NASDAQ) corporate divisional president with multiple LOB's, key member of established executive teams and is an advocator on all things digital and global cultural advancement.

Focused on the cross-hairs of the television, media & entertainment offerings, digital games, advanced advertising, IP education and data analytics McLennan is a recognized global corporate/business development, marketing and product innovation executive; advocator in the development of next generation innovations in broadband digital media/television and has participated in or led advancements of digital media, broadband/cTV/SmartTV, Internet video (cloud), mobile apps, intelligent search, cross/multiplatform digital entertainment service offerings that has been estimated to reach close to a billion households.

He has participated in the creation/innovation, packaged and/or sold multiple new offerings throughout the world on 7 continents, in 17 countries too with over a billion households; is a recognized category and management executive in broadband digital media, IP video and mobile migration enabling him to work with numerous global media and technology companies, such as Ericsson, TIVO, Siemens, Irdeto/NASPERS, SAMSUNG, COMCAST, Universal, Microsoft, Bit Torrent, Disney and more on projects involving the advancement of IP/digital media development and distribution. He has also stepped up directly, independently being co-producer the first fully shot on a mobile phone television series to be aired on a US television Network scheduled in 2014 - The Africa Diary.

On the corporate side, McLennan has an in-depth knowledge on how things work digitally and the ever evolving marketplace worldwide. Prior to founding PADEM, he was the founding President of Rentrak (NASDAQ - RENT) corporation’s AMI/Advanced Media and Information Division, a leading intelligence provider of media usage for the entertainment and television industries including VOD, digital media, and theatrical releases (box-office/rental), working with 100% of the studios, networks and most agencies and where he was quoted as stating that "in the advancement of entertainment, media and advertising, both the content and data are gold.”

On the start up side, one example, after boot-strapping a technical development team funded by producing some of the world's greatest entertainment; first CD-Rom game ie. Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, his team executed and raised $15 million dollars during the beginning of the collapse of the, and for a service that was going worldwide as the world’s first IP/broadband on –demand service - no small task when everything was exploding around. Media Station’s Selectplay presented movies, education and games to over 3 million homes/300k monthly plays, and as CMO developed relationships worldwide with both the carriers and content. SelectPlay was one of the first on-demand global media services and IP delivery of subscription content on ATT, [email protected], Comcast, NTL, NTT, and more. On the sale or acquisition side, he has directly participated on multiple levels from mergers to outright acquisition by multinational corporations in the hundreds of millions of dollars including the packaging and selling of his co-owned five patent portfolio for the foundation patents of IP targeted advertising.

All told, he has been in the forefront of media and entertainment technology even during college years when he brought forth Sierra on-line games, Digital Micro Systems, and worked on the Apple 2C launch, as well as the development publisher for Ziff Davis/NYC on technical magazines; recognition being on the team receiving a NIST grant in AI Bot development; followed by being a founding officer/VP worldwide marketing World Inc (world's first 3-D, virtual, multi user interactive worlds with Spielberg’s Starbright world for seriously ill children); CMO Media Station with the first CD-ROM games (as mentioned - Lion King to Little Mermaid etal); EVP of Lumenati/NetTV (Advanced STB/residential DVR / IP gateways (in more ways than one, the predecessor to basically TIVO's new Roamio box), educational digital TV’s for Dell and MyTV MSFT’s Media Centers initial base foundation/Universal tuners); and cutting his teeth in the global ad agency world as one of the supervisors on the introduction of LEXUS automobiles and their dealers into the US at Saatchi/Team One advertising.

Leading up to today where he is fully immersed in advancing companies worldwide in SmartTV / Connected TV, Mobile Apps, Smart Advertising and viewer engagement/advertising analytics via cloud based distribution of media and its measurement down to device centric activity and working with the leaders around the world as mentioned as well as on the Advisory Boards of Dijit (acquired 1/28/14) and Cognitive Networks.

McLennan is an active member in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (EMMY's), The Producer Guild of America; SMPTE; holds an MBA in International Strategy, with a leaning towards behavioral economics and participates aggressively as a competitive master skier, sailor and hop-along running races near his home in the San Francisco bay area.

Speech Topics

Example: Why New TV provides the best cultural connection and opportunity worldwide!

Television has always brought forth entertainment, education and real news events, but why is it different today? Why is it important? Is it really changing? Really? An in-depth discussion around global viewer behavior, direct personal connections via IP connected devices and cultural respect/engagement worldwide along with real-time examples identifying new offerings, in addition to and beyond Netflix/Hulu, provides an exploration and opinion in what really is next and the impact TV will have immediately on global economics, geo-political advancement, and real business opportunities.


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