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Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Visual Artist, & Burn Survivor; Top Speaker on Change, Adversity, & Patient Experience in Healthcare

Hailed by Meetings & Conventions magazine as one of the top 10 best motivational speakers in the U.S. and repeatedly included on their list of "Best Keynote Speakers,” Allison Massari has established herself as a steadfast advocate for the potent power of compassion, kindness, and indestructible perseverance, dedicated to equipping others with tools to better manage their lives and become more grounded.

A successful entrepreneur, she created four successful businesses in 25 years, beginning with a thriving fine arts business and jewelry line, Massari Fine Arts, LLC, earning commissions from Fortune 500 companies, including Lockheed Martin, General Mills and US Airways. With characteristic vigor, she launched her coaching and speaking career and within 18 months, she was invited to give a TEDx talk on The Future of Happiness and shortly after was voted the "No.1 Rising Star in Speaking" by the National Speakers Association.

Massari found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming two extraordinary personal tragedies. In 1998, she survived a 60 mph car crash, after being trapped, burned alive and conscious the entire time. Three years later she was hit again at 60 mph and sustained a closed-head brain injury. She credits her determination and love from family and friends for her full recovery. Her inspiring story is one of 10 featured in the documentary film, ReSolve, acclaimed for its powerful message and focus on solutions to come through post-traumatic stress and successfully overcome challenges.

Now devoted to healthcare advocacy, Massari brings attention to patient-centered care and its relation to health care reform, as well as the impacts of compassionate care from various perspectives.

Speech Topics

(Healthcare) Transforming Patient Lives: The Art of Patient-Centered Care

For CE credits - How to deliver world-class patient centered care. This program illustrates clearly the positive impact of medical workers on patients when they go the extra mile. Reinvigorate your employees. Heal burn-out. As an advocate for both patient and provider, Allison speaks about “The Other Side of the Stethoscope”.

A leading educator and powerful advocate for both patient and provider, Allison Massari has become an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals. Allison’s unique experience in the healthcare industry has provided her an intimate understanding of the demands and challenges of the medical profession.

Her parents, a surgeon and a nurse, mentored Allison from an early age in the healthcare world. For years, she shadowed her father in his dedicated and compassionate medical practice, and she interned and worked in both the hospital and medical office environment.

At age 32, Allison suddenly became a long-term patient as a burn survivor. Later, she sustained a traumatic brain injury. As a patient, Allison spent over 400 days in hospitals, physical therapy centers and medical offices.

Passionate in her quest to transform the lives of both patient and provider, Allison evokes in her listeners a sense of the profound power of patient-centered care. Audiences are deeply moved, reignited in their passion for a life’s work in healthcare.

Allison adapts her message to each market. One such market is healthcare. Allison frequently provides motivational keynotes, CEU programs and CME programs to healthcare audiences, helping to heal burnout and highlight the critical benefits of patient-centered care as it relates to health care reform.

Allison states, “I knew if I could bring healing to the healers, I could have the greatest impact.” Her dynamic and poignant program offers real solutions to the struggle of how to keep the patient first.

The Survival Guide to Being Human: Secrets to Happiness

Secrets revealed. Tales told. Mysteries uncovered. A burn injury and traumatic brain injury survivor teaches how to find peace, purpose, happiness. This progam can include a Q&A where the audience texts questions live directly to Allison's iPad while she is onstage. It has been very popular!

Mastering Your life

A light and humorous delivery with Allison's key lessons pulled from her coaching practice. This is also an excellent 2nd hour program after any of her other keynotes and/or a closing session. Empower employees with tools to better manage their lives.

The Fire Within: Triumph over Tragedy

Forging the path to success, happiness and vitality in the face of life’s most challenging circumstances.

Redefining the Impossible

“What I have found is that when the mind tries to tell you that there is no hope… there is always hope.” ~Allison Massari

In 1998, Allison survived a devastating near head-on car crash where she was trapped and burned alive, conscious the entire time. Just three years later she was hit again at 60 mph and sustained a closed-head brain injury. Allison has always believed in the miraculous. Her profound journey of overcoming these two life-altering injuries gives her a genuine and direct approach to transcending life’s difficulties. By sharing her story she motivates change – in people and in the organizations that nurture and inspire them.

Incredibly, Allison views her life’s experiences as a tremendous gift, one that helped her find strength, resolve, and ultimately, her life’s work. She says, “I didn’t want to just heal. I wanted to feel peaceful. I became relentless in my pursuit to find the answers to life and to understand the human condition.”


Hear from Allison Massari at IHA's Annual Membership Meeting

Every health care professional has a crucial impact on patient-centered care – including those who do not have direct patient contact. By specifically recognizing the ways that their work is directly tied to a human being, Allison Massari generates a deeper connection to the patient experience for each participant.

Allison Massari receives charitable contribution for the Roger Pepper Adventure Camps

Many of our speakers have experienced life events that shape their outlooks and perspectives on the world. Allison Massari is no different. In 1998, she survived a 60 mph car crash where she was trapped and burned alive; conscious the entire time. Roger Pepper, a selfless onlooker, pulled her from a fiery wreckage and saved her life, risking his own life in the process.

Allison Massari Named Top Speaker

Over 25,000 votes were cast and Allison Massari has been named one of the top 2018 speakers

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