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Celebrated Artist, Resilience Expert, Entrepreneur, Burn Survivor & Inspirational Storyteller

While most speakers have a story to tell, there are a select few so impactful that the audience is forever changed. That is what happens when Allison Massari speaks. Hailed as “life-changing” “riveting” “extraordinary” “bold” and “profoundly insightful” Massari shares unforgettable and thought-provoking stories to uplift teams, alleviate burnout, activate empathy, and unleash an inner strength and professional enthusiasm that transforms your work culture and strengthens employee retention. Her potent message has reached audiences in more than 75 countries and is a testament to hope, relentless perseverance, and radical compassion. She has been named one of the Top Ten Best Motivational Speakers in North America by Meetings and Conventions Magazine and has been featured on PBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX networks.

As an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and award winning visual artist, Massari has forged her path to success with creativity, tenacity, and deep gratitude. A masterful storyteller with a fascinating history, Massari survived two devastating and near fatal car accidents, one where she was trapped inside her car, burned alive and sustained severe burns on over 50% of her body. Astonishingly, navigating these experiences compelled her to discover an unshakeable strength, and ultimately find even more passion for her life and work. Her groundbreaking keynote teaches the mindset to successfully manage adversity, and challenges your audience to see struggle and change through a profound and empowering new lens.

She takes great care in getting to know her clients—their industry distinction, their mission, and their audience, including the pain points and what they are doing exceptionally well. Her diverse client list includes: Microsoft, 3M, GE Healthcare IT, Intel, MDRT, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Lilly, Allscripts, Siemens Healthcare, and McKesson. Massari is also an award-winning visual artist. Her work has been sought out by museums and private art collectors internationally and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her colorful and sublime visual art serves as a breathtaking backdrop to all of her keynotes. Allison Massari’s keynotes are jaw-dropping, heartfelt, and deeply inspirational. Prepare to be taken on a journey.

Speech Topics

The Fire Within℠ — The Art of Bold Self-Leadership

Launching with a powerful story of triumph after being burned alive in a fire, Allison’s astounding keynote offers life-changing tools to immediately rise above any obstacle and ignite an unquenchable passion, strength, and inspired vitality. In today’s changing world of merging companies, new leadership, digital transformation, hypercompetition and an epidemic of burnout and isolation, Allison Massari brings a fresh and riveting message of hope and possibility to her audiences.

With genuine encouragement and support, she intimately shares the nuances of how to respond to change and difficult circumstances and maintain personal command and integrity despite turbulent times. As Allison states, “The truth is, the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success personally and professionally.” Allison Massari’s keynote elevates self-leadership, celebrates the power of taking personal responsibility, and reconnects audiences to a sense of real purpose and fulfillment in their work. Prepare to be taken on a journey.

Activating True Resilience — Self-Mastery and The Five Kinds of Courage℠

People often believe that resilience is just about grit and determination, but that is how you burn out. Allison Massari’s innovative and timely keynote reveals the five active qualities that we all need to access in order to build and support a healthy, fully-functioning resilience mindset. Allison describes these qualities as “Five Kinds of Courage.” She explains, “In the fullness of true resilience, you don’t just survive—you become a better version of yourself on every level. You come into true aliveness.”

Allison creatively crafts her material with truly unique concepts, boosting confidence and well-being and teaching secrets to achieving a resilience mindset that you haven’t heard. You’ll receive a new perspective from which to see the world and walk away with effective methods to handle challenges and move towards your dreams and goals with courage, purpose, and the strength of an open heart.

Be the One℠: Expansive Thinking and Radical Appreciation for Retention and an Inspired Workforce

Retain Your Workforce Through A Heart-Led Culture Shift: Build a happier, more productive workforce and fully engage the hearts of your people. When people are worn thin and dealing with burnout or fatigue, the first essential solution is to care for them and to show up with thoughtful ideas to innovate, pivot, and excel within a changing world. Through storytelling, Allison Massari teaches audiences the mindset that is needed to successfully manage adversity, build emotional intelligence and have more command in managing difficulties at work. Her transformative program challenges your audience to see struggle and change through a profound and empowering new lens. She explains, “We can each make a vigorous, life-changing choice to navigate our way through and beyond adversity and be a force of light for ourselves and others.” Allison’s unforgettable keynote is a celebration of the human spirit—inspiring heart-led leadership, compassion and empathy skills in the workplace, and leaving audiences with a true sense of purpose and belonging. After hearing Allison speak, audiences feel more connected to their purpose and to each other—enhancing engagement and advancing employee retention in the workplace. Your people will be forever changed.

Leadership Lessons: Courage and the Mighty Heart℠ —Nurturing Organizational Transformation

In today’s shifting workforce, the role of leaders has changed dramatically. Employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention are top priority, along with the consistent strain from regulatory pressures, board and stakeholder demands, and needing to do more with less. Additionally, leaders are asked to assume the role of coach, mentor, friend, motivator, and career counselor while simultaneously maintaining an executive presence with clear vision and direction. With keen insight and appreciation for the challenges faced by leaders today, Allison teaches the mindset to successfully manage adversity and lead with heart—while addressing the personal side of their leadership and the everyday challenges of being human. This dynamic and poignant program provides innovative leadership lessons that invigorate and fortify participants to be able to tackle their work with newfound vigor and expansive thinking.

Customization for Healthcare: "You are the Medicine℠”

Allison’s life-changing healthcare keynote illustrates the fact that every healthcare professional—including those who do not have direct patient contact—have a crucial impact on person-centered care. Passionate about tailoring her keynote to address the specific issues affecting each audience, Allison has worked with diverse groups within healthcare including: Leaders, Physicians, HR, Nurses, Finance, IT, Environmental Services, Laboratorians, Diagnosticians, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Insurance, Pharmaceutical Sales, and more. By specifically recognizing the ways that their work is directly tied to a human being, Allison generates a deeper connection to the patient experience for each participant. They learn that their expertise, attentiveness, and devotion improve the health and success of patients while boosting their own sense of well-being and directly affecting the bottom line.

This groundbreaking and uplifting program can be offered for CEU’s, and receives exceptional feedback.


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