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At the age of 34, inspired by my grandmother I set out on a journey to make real choices in my life instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance. I made a plan for all the things I hadn't really chosen in my life, I was single, smoked 2 packs a day,

I began doing public speaking almost immediately upon losing the weight.  I was asked to give a workshop at our local library and discovered I had a passion for sharing my story, my success and empowerment with others.  I decided to make fitness my profession in hopes of inspiring others to take steps toward wellness.  In the process I discovered a knack for inspiring people to gear themselves toward self care, to invest time in their own physical and mental wellness and manifest their own contentment in life. 

I now lead a group of about 30 budding athletes, some of whom themselves, having successfully reached their goals, are now aiming for the Boston Marathon, too.   Having worked with clients on an individual basis for nearly 2 years, I have decided to try to reach audiences on a broader scope in hopes of inspiring achievement on a grander scale. 

I have given 20 minute to 2 hour workshops and speeches for audiences of up to 200.  Thus far I have had 4 paid speaking engagements - all for local government agencies.  I have shafred my story with audiences in cooperation with Biggest Loser contestant Abbey Rike, and spoken for several churches, even finally carrying 130 pounds on stage with me at a women's conference of 200 for the local Church of the Nazerene.

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