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Amanda de Cadenet            

Photographer, Activist Host, "The Conversation" on Lifetime

Renowned photographer and television personality Amanda de Cadenet is host of the television series The Conversation, airing on Lifetime.

Co-produced by de Cadenet and Demi Moore, The Conversation features interviews with internationally famous women, as well as lesser-known figures, and includes topics universal to women. The show covers a wide variety of topics including: sexuality; body image; career and finances; politics; relationships and human rights.

Says de Cadenet, "The Conversation came from the many questions was asking the women in my own life, while trying to manage being a mother to three kids and wife to my husband, maintain a career and not lose myself in all of it. Every woman should have access to the information and solutions we talk about on this show. The Conversation will open the doors on the universal language of women and allow them to do that."

De Cadenet began her career at age of 14 as the host of the U.K. television shows, The Word and Breakfast. After becoming one of the U.K.'s best known personalities, she eventually decided that her true place was behind the camera and began taking pictures.

Her photography has been described as 'truthful', 'haunting', 'radiant' and 'intimate'. She shoots advertising campaigns, Hollywood icons, rock royalty and friends at play alike, always infusing her work with an appealing honesty and authenticity, and an original vision.

The youngest woman to shoot a Vogue magazine cover, de Cadenet has photographed many of the most celebrated icons of popular culture including Drew Barrymore, Sofia Coppola, Demi Moore, Amber Valetta, Olivia Wilde, Mary J Blige, Keanu Reeves, Beck, and The Strokes. She has worked with magazines as diverse as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Dazed and Confused, and The New York Times Magazine. Her campaigns for the likes of Converse, Reebok and M&S had a cool, frank and unaffected aesthetic.

Her first book of photography Rare Birds, is a ten-year retrospective that truly captures contemporary lifestyle on the cutting edge. Her insider status had allowed her unprecedented access to a provocative cast of characters, some wildly famous, others just anonymous by-passers; all inspired something in her. And her candid portraits humanized these larger than life characters, capturing the zeitgeist and providing an intimate view of their daily lives.

De Cadenet has used her position to help draw attention to the plight of women and girls and has committed to representing women authentically and sensitively through her work. Speaking at public venues since she was 21, Amanda addresses a wide range range of issues, including body image and the media, self-esteem and other women's issues.

Her newest project, The Conversation, aims to motivate and inspire women around the world.

Speech Topics

The Conversation

Like many before her, huge fame at such a young age came at a price.

An insider in the fast lane, de Cadenet overcame those hurdles and put her own mark on an industry that doesn't particularly value realistic images of women in the media.

Her work both in front of and behind the camera champions girls and young women to realize their potential on their own terms. She offers practical information and advice gleaned from women of all walks of life, and opens the doors on the universal language of women.

By sharing her story and those of other role models, she is a refreshing voice of candor and inspiration helping women undergoing similar challenges.

Body Image and the Media

From her unique experience being both in front and behind the camera, Amanda talks about the false version of reality young women are sold in the popular media , which often distort a young mind's sense of what is "normal" around beauty and body image.

In her talk, she includes before and after images that have been manipulated to make the subjects appear thinner and with flawless skin. Most of these images are recognizable subjects whom she has photographed for high profile publications.

Self-Esteem Building For Women

What does that really mean? Amanda talks from her own experience struggling with a variety of issues. Institutionalized at age 14 to 15 for addiction issues, she spent a year in Juvenile Hall. Married at age 16, a mother at age 19 and divorced at 21, Amanda shares how she had to find things about herself that she liked , even if it was just one thing.

She says, " I am about solutions and helping the individual find what works for THEM and I do that by telling my story and what helped me. "

Amanda has been speaking at a variety of public venues, including correctional facilities, since she was 21 years old. Her ability to relate to audiences of all kinds gets her positive message through and inspires them into action.

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