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Author & TEDx Speaker

Amanda Dobra Hope, D.Hlc (Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching), M. Div., is an award-winning author (The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine, 2020; Holding Space, 2016; and Life Salad, 2012), speaker (TEDx, conferences, summits, etc), holistic life coach, vision-holder, and evolutionary teacher. As a speaker, Amanda actively engages workshop and seminar participants by providing inspiring content as well as inviting the audience to participate in personal exercises to help individualize the message. Her passion for helping others uncover their true selves pushes them to peel back the layers bringing them self-empowerment and the ability to express their unique gifts to the world with passion and authenticity. Amanda's work helps to answer fundamental life questions like: “How do we create peace on earth?” and “How do we create great relationships between ourselves and everything and everyone around us?” Her teachings focus on the core theme of creating peace on the outside by beginning on the inside, and her desire is for those she speaks with to see the amazing benefits of doing their inner work in order to achieve a life they truly love.

Speech Topics

Finding Your Authentic Self

Why discovering who you really are at your core and building a life in alignment with your authentic self will not only affect you, but will help to up-level the world as a whole as well!

The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine-How to Truly Change the World From the Inside, Out

In the past few centuries, Western society has done a beautiful job of inventing better ways for us to survive through masculine energy (we all have both masculine and feminine energy, no matter our gender). However, if we are to move into the next era of creation and truly thrive as a species and a planet, we must recover our feminine energy both within and without. By doing so, we will create better quality relationships with ourselves as well as everyone and everything around us. If we can direct our energy as individuals and collective society towards emotional intelligence, we can transform ourselves and become better able to bear witness to others. These tools will allow us to move back into balance and deliver us again into our natural state of oneness, cooperation, and co-creation with each other and all things. We begin the journey to regain the "other half" of ourselves and our world by discovering that it lies within each and every one of us.

Holding Space (For Professionals)

For Professional Spaceholders (Healers, Therapists, Healthcare Workers, Teachers, Facilitators, Doctors, Coaches, Mentors, Speakers, Leaders, etc). Description: To get the best results for your clients, you need to be amazing at your craft, but there is another major piece that must be in place. You need to be able to (without depleting your own energy), first create the healing or integration space and then confidently guide your clients within that space in order to keep the session or event tight and on track. You also must understand how to correctly use the power of "being" and your individual gifts to take some of the "structure" out of your session in order to allow it to unfold in the way that is best and highest for your clients. Becoming a master spaceholder will allow you to maximize your speaking/healing/teaching/facilitating talents to empower both you and your clients to use your innate knowing to facilitate amazing results!

Holding Space

"How to Support Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First." (For Individuals) This talk defines and clarifies what is meant by the term Holding Space. Audiences will learn how to honor their own needs and boundaries first, so they can be of even greater service to themselves and the world around them. Learn what it means to hold space, and how to do it effectively for yourself, others, and situations all while being sure to make your own well-being the top priority. Presented in a lighthearted manner in order to help the audience relate to their own experiences and dreams.

Unify Your Team Without Burning Yourself Out- For Team Leaders/Supervisors/etc.

To get the best results for your team, you must be able to (without depleting your own energy) create an inviting collaborative environment and then confidently guide your team within that space to keep brainstorming sessions and meetings tight and on track. You will also learn how to open the space of allowing in order to take some of the structure out of your session, resulting in greater wins for your team as well as your clients.

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