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Youngest Woman to Fly Around the World in a Single Engine Aircraft

Amelia Rose Earhart, namesake to the famed Amelia Mary Earhart who attempted to fly around the world in 1937, is the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft. In 2014, Amelia flew a Pilatus PC12-NG 28,000 miles, crossing the equator six times, through fourteen countries to complete a circumnavigation of the globe. Her parents, sharing the Earhart surname, wanted their daughter to have a name that would inspire her to live a life of passion and adventure.

Amelia is the President of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, a non-profit organization that grants flight-training scholarships to young women, aged sixteen to eighteen. The Fly With Amelia Foundation also fosters aviation and aerospace opportunities for people of all ages through aviation-based educational STEM opportunities, in partnership with Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, CO.

Amelia has been a passionate aviatrix since her first flight lesson at the age of twenty-one, a seeker of all things adventurous and is an accomplished public speaker, spending the last 8 years working as a television news anchor, covering breaking news, traffic and weather in Denver and Los Angeles. Amelia was given the Amelia Earhart Pioneering Achievement Award in 2013 and in 2014 was named by the Jaycees as one of the "Top Ten Young Americans".

Her 28,000 mile flight around the world in a single engine aircraft became a symbol of determination, courage and empowerment for anyone who has ever decided to seek new horizons. Fortune 500 Companies, The United States Air Force Academy, dozens of Universities and Civic Organizations, just to name a few, have been impacted by Amelia's contagious enthusiasm for action, her raw and charming leadership style and her ability to take audiences along on their own flight around the world with her story.

Speech Topics

Don't Quit Your Daydream: How Our Idle Moments Can Lead Us To Passionate Pursuits

Amelia believes, “the places our minds travel to when we let go of obligation and constraint, are often the ones that deliver the most personal joy”. In a down-to-earth and stirring presentation, Amelia shows us how something as daunting as flying around the world starts with one keystroke and why we should never quit our daydreams.

Who Do You Think You Are?: Crafting Identity After Defeat

Just months before launching on a 28,000 mile flight around the world, Amelia Earhart discovered, after thirty years of believing that she was related to the original, that she did not share a bloodline. Can we recover after our personal or business identities are put into question? This emotionally engaging talk outlines ten ways to make a comeback after it seems like the whole world is against you.

Defining Your Own True North: The Beauty Of Uncharted Territory

Most people will tell you that they have a dream… only to immediately begin listing the reasons why it will never happen. Amelia Earhart began fundraising for her global flight with zero dollars in the bank. Upon launch, she had singlehandedly earned the unwavering global support of twenty-one leading aerospace and aviation organizations. Defining our own “True North," we can live a life set on fire.


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Amelia Rose Earhart speaks to packed house

Amelia Rose Earhart was the keynote speaker at Friday’s USF Women in Leadership and Philanthropy luncheon.

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