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Amilya Antonetti  

CEO/Entrepreneur/Columnist/Media Personality. Featured on Fox News, CNBC, 77WABC, INC. Magazine

Amilya repeatedly builds championship teams and companies across a wide scope of industries. Her candor about her winning & losing that make up her life moments, along with her humor and compassion allow her to connect with any audience from the corporate business sectors to non-profits. She also stands out as a motivational speaker among women, diversity groups and business owners.

Amilya's national popularity began in the early 1990's after discovering the life-threatening effects that the cleaning products she used to clean her home had on her infant son. She successfully founded Soapworks, which quickly became one of the fastest-growing privately owned household product companies that provided North America with a line of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning products.

Amilya's life-changing story has earned her global respect and success in so many ways. Her amazing business story proves to her audiences that they have the ability to live their version of the American Dream with just a little sweat and heart. The battle to save her son's life and the founding of Soapworks have been favorite stories featured in books, newspapers, and magazines like Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul, People Magazine, Time, Forbes, Inc., Smart Money, First for Woman, Working Mother, and more.

In the past decade she has begun a new phase of her popularity as a TV and radio personality as the Official Small Business Voice. She has appeared as a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, Today show, CBS This Morning, Extra, FoxNews, NBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC to name a few.

Since selling Soapworks, Amilya has gone on to grow almost a dozen multi-million dollar companies, 2 over 100M. After employing more than 40,000 she has learned a thing or two about growth, communication and success. Amilya is a visionary and a thought leader when she is mentioned by her peers.

Today she is the force of reinvention, yet again, as the real life version of "scandal". Amilya and Eff Creative Group take on brands toughest challenges in crisis, innovation and growth management. They specializes in working at the intersection where technology, creative and media meet. With offices based in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Eff Creative Group keeps aheah of the game by strategically aligning with the influencers of tomorrow and achieving the goals that seem impossible to others.

Amilya is a vastly successful businesswoman and a renowned speaker in both the US and Canada. She currently resides in New York with her heart still in California. Best of all, Amilya is just getting started, as she is on a mission to help bridge the Gap between our youth and seasoned professionals, the gap in gender and diversity by way of using humor, communication and tools to help embrace the learning.

She is passionate about brands, products and technology and committed to teaching a healthier relationship with time, money and peoples unique abilities. Amilya is committed to leaving this world in a better place. She hopes that her teaching gets passed on for the next gernation to perfect as their own. Most of all Amilya will say she lived each do with the passion and focus to fulfill the message on her headstone ...and did it with a smile.


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Speech Topics


What the top 2% of leaders know about achieving success

The cat is out of the bag as Amilya breaks down how the people she has work with invest their time, energy, and money. Few people have had the opportunities to work alongside the high-ranking leaders and innovators that Amilya had teamed up with. These are some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world and Amilya will show you how they got there.

The average person will waste 75% of his or her time in any given day, not because of lack of drive but rather due to a lack of planning. Amilya will break down her Recipe for Success to give her audiences the empirically proven formula to managing time, setting priorities and completing projects with greater precision. Audiences will begin by gaining new insight into what the top 2% invest their time in. Then Amilya will teach audience how different personality traits can help or hinder your thinking and planning that therefore can impact your success.

Amilya teaches audience members how to recognize the influences of the different personalities, how to take that information and use it to build a team, and finally how to put those teams to their best use. This set-up become the determinate factor later on as your teams learn each others value as they either work together toward success or grind to a halt against one another.

Amilya's Recipe for Success helps audiences learn how to think differently. As you start to think within the key areas your actions follow, aligning themselves within those same key areas, which finally leads to tangible success that serves to reinforce the new methods.

Amilya and her professional team are committed to working with you to customize any of her presentations or to create one specifically for your event. Our goal is to design the content, look, and feel that works best for your topic and audience.


The secret to getting what you want from anyone

In today's fast paced and over-stimulated life the ability to communicate has become the key to getting what you want. However, being an effective communicator is not something we are born with. Communication has become such a hinge-point within a company that it affects almost every corner of business from growth and leadership to customer service and business development. Making sure your employees and your team(s) understand this essential key to success.

The first step to tightening the communication between yourself and others is to understand the three mediums of comprehension and retention. The human brain is programmed with specific preferences toward grasping and remembering the information that surrounds us. Each person has a predisposition toward favoring one of these preferences, which in turn determines their communication style. Some prefer audio-based tools, others are visual, and the rest are tactically based. Being able to recognize and work with a person's preferred method is the basis of effective communication and the start of getting what you want.

Next, Amilya walks her audience through the Five Life Languages. As audiences learn the impact these Languages have on communication Amilya explains how to identify your own Life Language, how to identify the Language of those around you, and the effective strategies to use for each of these Languages. These strategies apply equally in the office and at home, and are great ways to improve the relationships in all areas of your life.

Each of these Life Languages has a paired Reward Language, and this is the final tactic Amilya teaches her audiences in order to improve their communication. The most effective way to have continued and reciprocated communication is to perfect your reward systems. Learning to reward someone effectively ensures the longevity.


A company is either growing or it is simply existing

The growth and development of a company rests upon three supporting legs: the company's culture, the company's teams, and the company's leadership. The latter two factors are closely related to the first, as whom you choose for your teams and leadership role(s) affects everything from the corporate innovation to a customer's repeated experience; the culture is at the nucleus of every company.

Amilya has worked on some of today's largest brands and has reimagined each of these company's growth strategies. As each industry, and indeed each individual business, presents its unique challenges in innovation, cross channel distribution, repurposing resources, brand turn around, etc. she was called in to help create specifically tailored solutions. However, no matter how different the businesses, each growth challenge Amilya faced stemmed from the same root problem: a poor company culture.

By focusing on these three areas Amilya makes it possible for growth to be permanently built into a company's future success. Amilya shows her audiences how to strengthen their business' foundation, how to fuel leadership, as well as how to create the company culture they want for their business.

People + Right Why (core value) = Right People

Company culture would be easy if it were not for people. As the culture is almost entirely dependent on the people you hire and the leaders you choose to influence them.

Right People starts from: Are you building Team of champions or a championship team?

No hero in team Stronger together then they can be apart Right Reason

The first step in getting the right people is to pinpoint their core values, also known


An honest conversation

Success in business includes women, just as success in business includes men - neither can achieve the overall goals or sustainability of success without one another. Therefore we need to take off the armor for a deeper look inside balance, confrontation, fulfillment and money. Explore communication, tools and resources that improve the relationships we have with our self, and the relationships we have with both our male and female business colleagues.

After employing over 40,000 people over the last 25+ years, Amilya has deep experience and insight in guiding both male and female audiences to see an entirely different point of view on the roles we play in business, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Redefining False or Limiting Beliefs:

A deeper awareness of the preprogramed barriers that came along with many of the terms used today but greatly misunderstood are redefined. Take a look at the long list of testimonials from this presentation where almost instantly those attending were freed from false-belief that was holding us captive in many of our relationships.

Know the rules of the game:

It may sound shocking on how often people are unclear on the rules or guidelines surrounding a task, project or relationship, both in business or personally. The fundamental premise of rules and guidelines as it relates to our understanding either as men or women, meaning and roles in different cultures and in relation to different generations all impacts

Guidelines to help everyone, including ourselves, to achieve success:

Tools to improve or create a healthy relationship with these often-difficult encounters as well as with other women.


This humorous and inspirational presentation pokes fun at the traits, behaviors, and blind spots salespeople or business leaders develop as we strive to achieve succuss.

Amilya's wide range of "in the trenches" experience allows the presentation to be customized for audiences or industries (sales, entreprenurship, leadership, franchising) Whoever is in the audience, they will leave with a lighthearted smile and, most importantly, a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, the value of the journey as we stive for success, and the importance of teamwork in reaching those goals.

Several Key take home messages and tools are paired with this humorus opening so that a customized presentation addressed the needs for each of our clients.

Amilya's years of real experience have tested these tools time and time again, not only improving her businesses but also showing how well they work in other peoples lives and careers.

Audiences will be able to rely on these tools every day to move them closer to their goals and defined success.

Here are some of the most requested topics to be mixed and matched with this opening:

How to prioritize your "to do's" list so you and each team member stay at their hightest and best use. How to cut the dead wieght out of your business and life. Building the 4 "R's" into your buiness - Right people -- right roles -- right actions -- right rewards Reinventing to move forward or live the status quo of a slow death. Keys to reinvention are: Be bold or go home Say yes to opportunity for greatness (even if your not sure how) Creting your signature in everything you do There is no "F" in Reinvention (failure - fear)

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