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Amin Toufani    

CEO of T Labs, Creator of, Chair for Finance & Economics at Singularity University

Amin Toufani is the CEO of T Labs, creator of, and Chair for Finance & Economics at Singularity University. He is known for his pioneering work on developing the world’s first scientific quantification of adaptability in individuals and organizations called the Adaptability Quotient (AQ).

Toufani has lectured in 35 countries and advised 10 governments on his economic framework called Exonomics™ (Exponential Economics & Business Models) which offers predictive models for the impact of accelerating technologies on individuals, businesses, and nations. He is a parallel entrepreneur, leading projects at T Labs in AI, blockchain, human longevity, quantitative finance, cognitive performance, and Zeromics (stage zero cancer diagnostics).

Toufani has degrees in artificial intelligence, economic policy, and an MBA. He pursued and received graduate degrees from Harvard and Stanford at the same time.

Speech Topics

Exponential Banking & Finance

This session focuses on the future of finance and banking in light of accelerating technological change and emerging exponential business models. We will survey present and anticipated technological shifts in the worlds of artificial intelligence, blockchain & other distributed ledgers, quantum computing, and more broadly fintech. We will also map out likely trajectories for disruptive threats and opportunities in this sector both for incumbents and startups, with special attention to adjacent innovation prospects for financial institutions with strong network effects and brand recognition.

Exonomics (Exponential Economics)

Exponential technologies have profound effects on how economies function. Exponential Economics – or Exonomics – is the study of this emerging new world and its implications for individuals, businesses and governments. The talk covers unifying themes among disruptive trends in business strategy, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economic policy, and risk management.

Digital Transformation – Best Practices in Future-Readiness

How can companies best execute a digital transformation agenda? What does change management entail in an exponentially evolving world? In this session we will look at real world case studies of companies pursuing transformation and learn from their successes and failures. We will summarize best practices for transforming culture, management structure, and market-facing strategies, while keeping a close eye on boosting the organization’s adaptability.

Adaptive Leadership & Exponential Organizations

The ability to respond to change has become the strongest predictor of success. In this session, we will focus on the concept of AQ -­ Adaptability Quotient -­ and discuss what affects our ability to respond to exponential change as individuals and teams. The focus will be on how leaders and managers can enable agility in their teams and remove barriers to adaptability, while building an Exponential Organization that effectively leverages exponential technologies. The discussion will also focus on the concept of Lygometry – ­a key component of adaptive and creative behavior.

Adaptive Leadership

How do successful companies adapt to an exponentially changing world? What factors prevent organizations from anticipating and responding to disruptions? The Exponential Strategy talk analyzes the process of adaptability and how it scales from personal transformation to organizational change. The talk draws on the science of knowledge management and applies the concept of the Adaptability Quotient (AQ) to real world business case studies.

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