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Amo "Ammo" Hall  

Trans Artist, Activist & Reality TV Star

Amo is a non-binary transfemme (they/them) artist, activist, and reality TV star. Amo was first seen on MTV's 'Real World' in 2016 where they both came out as pansexual and left the Mormon church on National Television. In 2017, Amo was cast on MTV's 'The Challenge' where they were the first openly non-binary person to be cast on the show. During that same year, Amo penned an emotional #MeToo essay for People Magazine that went viral overnight. Since then, Amo has devoted their time to educating people about gender, sexuality, religion, and overcoming trauma and abuse. Since their time on Reality Television, Amo has begun Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and now speaks regularly about transgender visibility, and LGBTQIA equality. Currently, Amo is living in Nashville, TN and dividing their time between public speaking, working on their upcoming studio album, and filming their first TV drama: 'Stranger Hearts.'


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Amo was the first non-binary person to ever appear on MTV's 'The Challenge' (2017). Since then, they have made the decision to transition using Hormone Replacement Therapy. In Amo's talk about gender, they speak about the ever-evolving binary or gender and gender roles in society. Using their background in both the Mormon religion and Reality TV (MTV's 'Real World' and 'The Challenge') they dissect the ways in which gender is influenced by religion, media, and society at large.


Amo was the first person to identify as 'pansexual' on an MTV reality television show ('The Real World', 2016). In Amo's talk about sexuality, they break down the "laws of attraction" and how society programs us with heteronormative tendencies. Amo explores the agenda behind rigid heteronormativity and how it contributes to toxic masculinity, misogyny, and violence against transgender people. Using current research and engaging personal experiences, Amo illustrates the broadening spectrum or sex, sexuality, and sexual exploration. RELIGION: Amo was the first person in reality television history to leave the Mormon church on live TV. Amo's grandfather is highly acclaimed Mormon author and theologist, Grant Von Harrison. Amo's talk on religion talks about the ways in which their Mormon upbringing, time spent at Brigham Young University (private Mormon college) and their grandfather's legacy have influenced their own spirituality.


Amo was one of the first reality television stars to speak openly about abuse during the #MeToo movement. Amo penned an essay about their experience with rape that was published in People Magazine, and picked up by numerous media outlets in the weeks following. Amo's talk about #MeToo focuses on consent, trauma and sexual abuse. Amo uses their personal experiences with religious trauma, familial trauma, workplace/industry exploitation, and sexual assault to bring to light ways in which individuals and communities can better protect themselves and one another.

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