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Amy Magyar (Coach)  

The Benefits of a Coach Without the Annoying Whistle.

Amy is NOT your ordinary Motivational Speaker.

She doesn't rely on stories from her past that only seem helpful to her.

She doesn't just fill you up with stories and then leave you on your own to figure out how they apply them...our worse, get you inspired and then dump you leaving you with no true takeaways, new tools to use or action items.

If you are looking for a speaker to pacify your audience for 90 minutes giving them a chance to check their email on their phones, take a nap or forget about sales strategies than Amy is NOT your speaker.

If you are looking for a speaker with fluff than Amy is NOT your speaker.

What Amy is, is a dynamic Performance Coach (minus the annoying whistle) who brings powerful insight and a grounded presence. Expect to laugh, expect your behavior patterns to be shocked and expect your comfort zone to be tested, stretched and ultimately...MOVED.

She is also an experienced Professional Development, Sales, Service and Customer Orientated professional testing the boundaries of what is possible everyday. Amy's life is based in Burlington, Vermont where she believes in getting outside and playing!

As the Owner of FromWithin, a "Knowledge Conglomerate" for Coaching, Consulting and Career Services, her impactful background personifies:

*Keen market awareness, trend analysis, forecasting, and expressive skills as both a retail merchant and sales and operations manager within manufacturing.

*An established industry leader skilled at working in a progressive team environment where passion and profitability are highly valued.

*FromWithin Knowledge Conglomerate supports a number of different types of clients and companies seeking support, clarity and accountability.

Her diverse background lends itself to tantalizing folks such as:

  1. Emerging Leaders seeking their path within their industry or who are new to their position

  2. Leaders struggling with their confidence compared to their job title

  3. Overfunctioning Leaders seeking to function and support their underfunctioners in their organization as they also learn to function

  4. 20-40 Somethings struggling with change, direction, life purpose, confidence, work-life harmony, and living an authentic life

  5. Individuals looking to learn to navigate change and stress

  6. Individuals whose job is their passion and their passion is their job, yet they are still feeling lost, unhappy, overworked, etc.

  7. Individuals who paint themselves into a corner only to not realize that the paint dried years ago

  8. People looking to kick a behavior pattern (smoking, emotional eating, overworking, etc.)

  9. Athletes who have the physical power but lack the mental confidence to master their sport

Whether a using her for a Keynote, Team Facilitation, or a helping you get on the Playing Field, her whit, sharpness, freshness and no nonsense style will captivate your audience.

What is the Playing Field? The word workshop has become diluted into meaning a long amount of time spent away from your desk with very few takeaways (often increasing your stress load). Most attendees groan when they hear the word "workshop".

If we all met on the playing field, we can have some fun, learn new techniques and begin practicing right away. And on this practice field, we are all beginners preparing for "game day"!

Because everyone and every company is different, we will work with you to customize each program to fit your audience.

Playing Field Workshops Include:

  1. Listen Up! (or down or sideways)

  2. Master Your Strengths, Hug Your Weaknesses.

  3. Opportunity Doesnt Always Arrive Gift Wrapped.

  4. Stressing Over Stress?

  5. Move Your ButsNavigating Change.

  6. Nothing Grows in Ice.

  7. Are You Fear-Full? (What are you running from?)

  8. Beginners Mind.

  9. Mindful or Mindfull?

  10. Are You Fear-Full? (What are you running from?)

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