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Anat Baron    

Tech Entrepreneur, Brand Builder & Former Head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Anat Baron is a force of nature whose forte is building brands, leading teams, and growing companies. She has led major organizations through periods of internal upheaval, intense competition, and market disruption. Her real-world experience and deep understanding of technology allow her to share proven strategies for engaging consumers, nurturing innovation, and generating sustainable growth for businesses, non profits, and associations. Anat provides an exceptional blend of business acumen, creative vision, and storytelling.

Currently the CEO of Stashwall, Inc., an early-stage, game changing technology startup, Anat Baron is best known as the wunderkind behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Within three years, she grew Mike’s into a $200 million juggernaut—establishing a new product category in the ultra-competitive beer industry. She did this despite her allergy to alcohol. Baron’s eclectic and highly successful career has included working with well-known hotel brands including Four Seasons, Holiday Inn and Radisson and as a Hollywood executive and producer. After leaving Mike’s, she combined her entertainment and business know-how to write, produce, and direct Beer Wars, an award-winning documentary film that tells the David and Goliath story of the US beer industry and predicted the exponential growth of craft beer.

As a solution-oriented keynote speaker who offers fresh perspectives on the big ideas and important questions shaping our future, Anat inspires your audience to think bigger and take action. She builds each of her dynamic and informative talks by investing time with key members of your organization and understanding your audience and the most important issues they face. The result is an insightful and engaging presentation that sparks conversation, creates meaningful change, and has lasting impact. Her compelling, no-nonsense, audience centric approach makes her the perfect speaker for today’s increasingly fast changing world.

Speech Topics

Getting Unstuck

It's hard to turn an elephant. Inertia forces companies to keep moving forward, often when they should be changing direction. The world changes around them but they're stuck in the status quo doing what they've always done. Based on her experience leading Mike's Hard Lemonade, Anat Baron demonstrates that the only way out is to shift into reverse, take a cold hard look at what needs to change, and shift back into drive, taking a brand-new route.

The Art of Storytelling

In business, storytelling is the new new thing. Stories powerfully connect us to our employees and customers. Stories put our whole brain to work and not only make us feel more engaged but help us remember more. What gets remembered becomes top of mind – the Holy Grail. Based on her work with brands and in Hollywood, Anat Baron will help show your audience how to create stories that resonate, and have the power to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Creativity is the New Black

Yes, creativity is in vogue. Creative leaders are thought to innovate more. They drive change in business models and revenue models. They generate new ideas. They create new products. They come up with new ways to get things done. Creativity is noted as the single most important trait for navigating through the complexity of today’s business world. But creativity isn’t confined to the C-Suite. It needs to exist at every level. Employees must be encouraged to contribute and recognized and rewarded for their contributions. Anat Baron will offer fresh perspectives and share her strategies for fostering a creative culture within any organization.

Disrupt or Die

As our world turns increasingly digital, organizations can no longer count on “business as usual.” Entire industries are being disrupted by startups that are creating multi-billion dollar companies using new economic models (like Uber, AirBnB and Bitcoin). But all is not lost. In order to be disruptors in their industry, successful companies must challenge the status quo, even if they’re the market leader. Anat Baron goes beyond the buzzwords and discusses the need for disruptive innovation while sharing her experiences from the corporate and startup worlds.

Future Shift

Our world is evolving at a faster pace than ever. Embracing the future isn't all about technology. It's also about changing consumer and employee needs and expectations. 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Cloud, Connected Living, Empowered Consumers, Context, Data, Education/Training, Entrepreneurship, Hyperconnectivity, Internet of Things, Mobile Devices, Multi-Generational Workplace, P2P Money, Robotics, Sensors, Smart Cities, Social Media, and Wearables will play key parts in our world in 2020 and beyond. Anat Baron will customize her presentation to your industry and help inspire your audience to develop successful strategic leadership and to create the future.

Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing World

The pace of change is accelerating exponentially. New technologies and shifting consumer expectations make it difficult for organizations to adapt to what’s ahead. In order to move forward in this age of transparency and authenticity, how do you create a point of difference? And more importantly, how do you stay relevant and keep customers and employees engaged? Anat Baron shares the latest trends and provides strategies for adapting to this new world.

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Moments of Truth: How to Make Every Moment Count

The customer journey is made up of multiple interactions and every one of them counts. They could be as simple as the speed of an email response or tweet, getting a real person on the phone, walking into a dirty bathroom, or addressing a billing issue. Successful companies need satisfied customers, especially in this new age of transparency. Anat Baron helps you identify moments of truth that are often overlooked. She helps you understand how empowering every employee to be an ambassador is crucial since these moments of truth can make customers into brand champions.

Branding for the 21st Century: It's a Brave New World

Brands are becoming commodities. Traditional advertising and PR are no longer enough and social media is just one piece of the puzzle. Successful brands must focus on developing and maintaining an emotional connection with their customers. Based on her experience as general manager of Mike's Hard Lemonade, Anat Baron explains how the brand experience is crucial in this word-of-mouth world where the ability to talk with vs. talk at customers makes them an integral part of the brand.

The Path of Most Resistance: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Some people spend their entire lives looking for shortcuts, the easy way, the path of least resistance. Others look for the challenges and rewards of taking the more difficult path - where you hear more "no" than "yes," where you're constantly running into obstacles and going against the grain. There's nothing like succeeding despite the odds, knowing that you completed a personal or professional journey that was hard but rewarding because you did the work. Anat Baron will share lessons from her life to help you make the most out of yours.

Breaking the Rules: Creating Opportunity Outside the Box

Most people and organizations lead a roller coaster existence and operate by a set of pre-determined rules. But in order to innovate you have to be creative and break the rules, decide on the direction you want to take, and convince others of your vision, whether it's starting a business, launching a new product or searching for strategies to beat the competition. In this presentation, Anat Baron helps you set a new path and break the status quo.

The Art of Turnaround: How to Get Unstuck

It's hard to turn an elephant. Inertia forces companies to constantly move forward - often when they should be changing direction and retooling for the survival of the company. The world changes around them but they're stuck in the status quo doing what they've always done. Based on her experience leading Mike's Hard Lemonade, Anat Baron explains that the only way out is to shift into reverse, take a cold hard look at what needs to change, and shift back into drive, taking a brand-new route.

Making Lemonade: Creating a Competitive Advantage When the Chips Are Down

Sometimes the best ideas come from left field, when we least expect them, and often under challenging circumstances. In this age of economic uncertainty, fast moving competition, and technological change, we are constantly moving into unchartered waters. Even the best plans can unravel in an instant. Our defining moments happen when life goes off course. In this presentation, Anat Baron explains how making lemonade is about the choices you make when life takes a turn in an unexpected direction.

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