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Andrew Haley      

Canadian Paralympic Swimming Champion

Andrew Haley is a Paralympic Swimmer, World Champion, cancer survivor, and motivational speaker.

As a child, Haley had cancer twice and each time was given a 35% chance to pull through. Although he lost part of his right leg, and a small portion of his left lung, he never lost his fight. Leaving the hospital he was told it would take him a year to learn how to ride a bike, “take it easy” they said. It took him only a week. Obstacles have never stopped Haley. Nothing has stopped him from showing the world what he can do.

When Haley started to swim not much was really expected of him. He set out to show people if you truly believe in yourself and have passion you can accomplish anything you want. It’s all about positive attitude. Never giving up no matter what you may be facing. Today he is an accomplished businessman and elite sportsman. In the pool he is a three time World and Paralympic Champion and multiple World Record Holder. He is also a Hall of Fame Swimmer. Among others, he has won gold medals at the 1998 World Championships and the 2000 Paralympic games. He has served as his swim team’s captain and is a recognized leader in Paralympic sport. He continues to work with the best and brightest in the performance excellence field.

As a motivational speaker, Haley discusses his three decades of real-life in-the-trenches sport and personal experience. He appreciates and shares with his audience that being a champion and turning pressure into performance is a moment-to-moment choice and is able to relate and inspire each listener that success is more than title, tenure or position. Excellence is for everyone, every day. It’s how we should live our life. In his talk, Haley’s fusion of real-life stories and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Andrew also finds time to give back to his community. He is involved with the charity RIGHT TO PLAY and also visits schools in Ontario and his native Nova Scotia. In addition, he volunteers his time working with AthletesCAN, a national group that supports athletes. He looks forward to partnering with you in the future.

Speech Topics

Healthcare | The Other Side of the Bed: A Patients Perspective

In this presentation, Andrew shares what it was like as a young boy fighting to overcome obstacles (his disability). What it was like feeling optimistic about the life ahead of him only to have it derailed by illness? The hurt, the pain, witnessing others grief … it still seems so real to him. Andrew shares personal anecdotes focused on the shining light for him: the excellent care he received from medical staff. This moving account of his journey sheds light on how it would not have been possible without the assistance and encouragement of those around him.

Peak Performance | Turning Pressure into Performance

Pressure can get to the best of us at times when performance is on the line. How we deal with pressure can often mean the difference between success and failure. In business, knowledge, and experience are our most valuable assets, but sometimes we face obstacles impeding our efforts to get ahead. During Andrews swimming career he’s had his share of ups and downs. Learning from each situation and being able to use that experience when it matters the most defines success and failure. Andrew will share his emotional story of fighting the cancer demon (twice) along with the 7-step process for success he’s used in his swimming career and personal life. In the end the target audience will be better equipped to achieve their goals to be their best.

Performance Mindset | Owning the Podium: The Champion Within

Sport, like life, is unpredictable so we have to be ready for anything. Training the mind to accept change and unnecessary distractions is a learning process. Andrew shares how he has been able to ‘train the brain’ for optimal performance. Anyone can bring their A-game each and every day. Andrew will share the 7 step process he used that helped him prepare to compete and win on the world stage. A process that anyone can relate to if they are Committed to WIN. This talk shows your team that no matter the circumstances we can be prepared and ready for action. Andrew explores how mental toughness can be learned characteristic that can be built up over time.

Gold Medal Resilience – Upping your game when it matters the most. No Limits!

In life we all face challenges. That is a certainty. What happens though when the mountain we have to climb seems a bit too high? How do we react to such a tough situation? How resilient are you to life’s challenges? Resilience is that quality that allows some people to be knocked down in life and come back stronger than ever. Resilient people are leaders others look to in tough times. Rather than let failure or personal circumstance knock you down, find ways to remain positive and overcome roadblocks put in your way. This keynote is designed to educate audiences on the tools of resilience. Tools Andrew used as a high performance athlete and you can apply to your daily life. Tools such as: Develop a positive personality, view your decisions as choices and not sacrifices, high performance goal setting, breathing techniques, stop comparing yourself to others (lead your own life) etc. Challenges test us but they also bring out the best in us and you will see that with a positive attitude and 100% commitment you also can find your GOLD MEDAL RESILIENCE.

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