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Former Undercover Agent & International Best Seller

From childhood tragedy to a world class interrogator leading to peace and forgiveness. Angelica Robles is a former undercover agent and international best seller. "Through These Brown Eyes" is the true story of Robles, who experienced a horrifying childhood tragedy and trauma but managed to overcome her past to become a forensic investigator and world-class interrogator, and motivational speaker.

Robles's drive towards self-healing was the desire to understand why people and criminals do what they do. What causes them to carry out their heinous crimes, and how she could make a difference. While seeking solace in her despair and the darker side of humanity, Robles pursued a career that would help lead her to peace and forgiveness.

Robles's debut book is a captivating and inspirational story of resilience. "Through These Brown Eyes" shares Robles's story of dealing with criminals, suspects, victims, and witnesses in a range of crimes from murders, drug dealing, terrorism, human trafficking, and internal affairs.

The biggest takeaway from this book is that you can find strength in your past. Instead of seeing the past as something that happened "against" you, you repurpose it into something that "built you up" and make the conscious choice of looking at it through a positive perspective. Healing from your past and repurposing it into service to others. Not allow the negativity from the outside to maculate the purity of your spirit.

Specializing in investigations of national security for the United States of America, to breaking barriers to build a successful career in a male-dominated world, Robles shares how life went through her eyes.

Robles is passionate about helping and empowering those around her. She has volunteered with non-profits and served as a leader for a fundraising team for the last 10 years, raising over a total of $120,000. She is an avid triathlete, trail runner and body builder, completing two Ironman’s and well over 40 running and triathlon races. She is also a Wellness NPC Fitness competitor placed athlete.

Speech Topics

  • Fitness/Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Women empowerment in a male dominant world

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