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New York Times Best-Selling Author & Cancer Survivor

Anita Moorjani is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, international speaker, cancer survivor, and motivational writer. She is known for her inspirational talks and teachings on self-help, spirituality, and personal growth.

Moorjani had been working in the corporate world for several years before being diagnosed with stage 1A Hodgkin's lymphoma in April 2002. Her intriguing and moving near-death experience in early 2006, which took place during a coma, significantly changed her perspective on life. Her work is now ingrained with the depths and insights she gained during her experience. After battling cancer for 4 years, Moorjani fell into a coma and was given days to live. As her doctors gathered to revive her, she journeyed into a near-death experience (NDE), where she was surrounded by unconditional love and deep wisdom. When she awoke, Moorjani was free of countless tumors and cancer indicators within five weeks.

Moorjani's NDE has captured the hearts and attention of millions across the globe. She has been a featured guest on "The Dr. Oz Show," "Fox News," "The Today Show," CNN’s "Anderson Cooper 360," the National Geographic Channel, as well as "The Pearl Report" in Hong Kong and "Headstart" with Karen Davila in the Philippines. She has also appeared in the documentary "Heal" alongside Deepak Chopra, and she is often invited to speak at conferences and events around the globe to share her insights. Moorjani is also affiliated with Hay House Inc. and is a frequent guest at The University of Hong Kong’s Department of Behavioral Sciences, speaking on topics such as dealing with terminal illness, facing death, and the psychology of spiritual beliefs.

An author of five books, "Deep Meditation for Healing," "Dying to Be Me," "What If This Is Heaven," "Love: A Story About Who You Truly Are," and "Sensitive Is The New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World," Moorjani's "Dying to be Me" has sold over a million copies worldwide and has been published in more than 40 languages. She has also released guided meditation audio recordings, such as "The Near Death Experience Meditation" and "Heaven, an Experiential Journey: Guided Meditations for Experiencing Heaven on Earth." In addition to the written word, she frequently hosts a radio show, "Explore The Extraordinary," focusing on her remarkable experience and subsequent healing from end-stage cancer. Moorjani has been recognized on the Spiritual 100 List for her contributions.

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