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Anjali Bindra Patel    

Chief Diversity Officer of Georgetown Law & Lawyer, and Author of "Humanity at Work: Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing in an Increasingly Distributed Workforce"

Anjali Bindra Patel is an accomplished lawyer, Certified Diversity Executive and currently serves as the Chief Diversity Officer at Georgetown Law. Bindra has been helping clients with their strategic and human capital needs for over two decades. Additionally, she is the CEO of Sweatours, where she assists mission-driven companies in integrating diversity, inclusion, and well-being into their organizational culture.

Bindra is recognized for her expertise in designing and executing tailored DEI-focused policies, processes, procedures, and programs for leadership and staff by prioritizing relationship building and integrating well-being principles. Her book, Humanity at Work, explores diversity, inclusion, and well-being in the context of hybrid workforces and has become a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Bindra has been featured on ABC News with Rebecca Jarvis and in several local television and media outlets. She holds a J.D. from Ohio State University College of Law and a B.A. in Business Management from Kent State University. Originally from Cleveland, Bindra resides in Northern Virginia with her military veteran husband, kids, and dog.

Speech Topics

Navigating Difficult Conversations

The Balance of Freedom & Respect:

How can we discuss sensitive topics with both candor and care? In a setting that celebrates academic freedom and the First Amendment, how do we ensure conversations remain constructive? How do we champion the values of respect and understanding when opinions clash and emotions run high? Mastering the art of difficult conversations is indispensable. It's essential to articulate perspectives while preserving the sanctity of civil discourse, especially when navigating the vast and varied terrains of controversial topics.

This session delves into the nuances of engaging in discussions that tread on delicate grounds:

  • We’ll explore the equilibrium between championing our rights to free speech and crafting a space where all voices, no matter how opposing, feel heard and respected. Discover the delicate balance of advocating for one's standpoint while valuing the sentiment and rights of others.

  • With the insights from Navigating Difficult Conversations, you'll be equipped to approach disagreements with grace, foster a respectful dialogue, and ensure that every discourse, no matter how challenging, is a step towards mutual understanding and growth.

Navigating Political Polarization

Bridging Divides in Heated Times In an era where political divides seem more pronounced than ever, a pivotal question echoes:

  • How do we foster conversations that bridge, rather than widen, these chasms?
  • In an atmosphere rife with political tensions, how can we ensure that dialogue remains progressive and solution-focused?
  • How can we encourage deep, critical thinking while ensuring respect and understanding, especially when discussing complex political issues?
  • Whether you're a political enthusiast, a mediator, or a concerned citizen, understanding the intricacies of facilitating politically charged discussions has become paramount. It's essential to navigate these conversations with tact, encouraging participants to think critically and engage respectfully, no matter how diverse their viewpoints might be.

This session will dive deep into the strategies that can turn potential conflict into constructive discourse. Learn how to encourage participants to shed biases, listen actively, and approach political topics with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Together, we'll unearth ways to turn divisive debates into opportunities for growth, understanding, and unity.

Equipped with insights from Navigating Political Polarization, you'll be empowered to transform tense political discussions into platforms for mutual respect and collective problem-solving."

Global Perspectives on Inclusivity

A Worldview on Embracing Differences As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, a compelling query arises:

  • How does the notion of inclusivity vary across diverse cultures and jurisdictions?
  • In the myriad tapestries of societies and legal systems, how do concepts of diversity and inclusion converge or differ?
  • What can we learn from the global mosaic of inclusive practices to enrich our own understanding and approach?
  • Whether you're an international relations expert, a diversity advocate, or an inquisitive global citizen, broadening your understanding of inclusivity from a worldwide lens is both enlightening and essential. It's crucial to delve into how different cultures and legal frameworks perceive, define, and practice inclusion.

This session will journey through the global landscape, unraveling diverse approaches to inclusivity. Together, we'll discover how various societies champion diversity and how legal contexts across the world shape inclusive policies and practices.

With the insights from Global Perspectives on Inclusivity, you'll be inspired to integrate worldwide lessons on diversity and inclusion, cultivating richer, more comprehensive approaches in your own environments.

Intersectionality and Well-Being

The Confluence of Identity, Voice, and Mental Health In our ever-evolving societal landscape, a profound inquiry emerges:

  • How do the facets of our identity intertwine with our mental well-being?
  • What is the connection between diversity, inclusion, our freedom to voice our truths, and the state of our mental health?
  • How can we foster environments that not only celebrate diversity but also support the mental well-being of every individual?
  • Whether you're a mental health professional, diversity advocate, or an individual seeking understanding, recognizing the profound link between intersectionality and well-being is crucial. It's imperative to explore how our multifaceted identities, the inclusivity of our environments, and our freedom to express intersect with our mental health.

This session embarks on a deep dive into the intricate web of identity, voice, and mental well-being. Together, we'll unravel the impacts of inclusive environments (or lack thereof) on mental health and the significance of having the freedom to express one's truth in diverse settings.

With insights from Intersectionality and Well-Being, you'll be equipped to champion holistic inclusivity—one that not only celebrates diverse identities but also promotes mental health and well-being for all.

Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

The Resonance of Silent Echoes In our journey towards a more inclusive society, a salient question resonates:

  • How can we ensure that the voices often relegated to the background are heard loud and clear?
  • In a world filled with diverse narratives, how do we ensure that no story is left untold or overshadowed?
  • What steps can be taken to uplift those who have historically been silenced or marginalized?
  • Whether you're an advocate for social justice, a storyteller, or someone passionate about equity, understanding the importance of amplifying underrepresented voices is paramount. It's crucial to recognize the rich tapestries of stories that often remain unheard and to bring them to the forefront of societal discourse.

This session will explore the challenges and strategies associated with giving a platform to those voices often left on the peripheries. Together, we'll delve into approaches to spotlight these narratives, ensuring they not only get the attention they deserve but also enrich our collective understanding and empathy.

Armed with insights from Amplifying Underrepresented Voices, you'll be inspired to become an ally and advocate, ensuring that every voice, no matter how subdued by history or circumstance, finds its rightful echo in today's world.

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