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Sex, Dating, Relationship, and Recovery Expert; Editor-in-Chief of AfterPartyMagazine

Sober over a decade, Anna David is the author of four books as well as a television personality (she was the sex, dating and relationship expert on G4's Attack of the Show for over three years and has appeared repeatedly on NBC's Today Show, The CBS Morning Show, CNN's Showbiz Tonight, Hannity and Red Eye on Fox News, among many others). Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Playboy, Cosmo, Details, Redbook, Maxim, and many more. Axe Body Spray,, and Guthy-Renker are among the companies that have hired her for spokesperson jobs. She also speaks on college campuses to revolutionize how students think about drinking. David doesn't advocate abstinency - she lives in the real world, after all - but instead illustrates ways that students can make wiser choices than she did. David is currently the Executive Editor of the, a website dedicated to addiction and recovery.

Based on her own experiences with addiction and recovery, her first novel "Party Girl" (Harper) follows a hard-partying celebrity journalist who leads a double life - with hilarious and poignant results. "Party Girl" was called "laugh-out loud hysterical and Capote elegant" by Permanent Midnight author Jerry Stahl, while Dr. Drew Pinsky decreed it "the most accurate portrayal of the experience of addiction and nuances of recovery I've come across." The book has been translated into Russian and Italian and Sony Television has purchased the film rights. David followed up "Party Girl" with "Bought" (Harper Paperbacks), a fictionalized account of an investigative feature she did for Details magazine about high-class prostitution. She conceived of and edited "Reality Matters" (It Books), an anthology of hysterical yet revealing essays from novelists, essayists, and journalists about reality television shows, and is currently writing "What I Say I Want" (Harper Paperbacks), a memoir in which she explores whether or not she's ready to move to the next stage in life.

Her most recent book, "Falling For Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love" (Harper Paperbacks) is a memoir where David explores if at the age of 35, she has made all the right choices in life. When she stumbles upon a copy of "Sex & the Single Girl" by Helen Gurley Brown (Cosmo's fearless leader of the 1960s), David connects with Gurley Brown's unique message combining self-empowerment and undeniable femininity. Using "Sex & the Single Girl" as a lesson plan, she embarks on a gutsy journey to reexamine her life, opening herself up to the people and places, the fears and vulnerabilities that have haunted her for years, in hopes that she will find peace and maybe even someone to share it with. With a fierce sense of ambition and determination, Anna shifts her focus to love and marriage, finally giving herself permission to overcome her fears and embrace the idea of falling in love - or, more importantly, to see if it's something she even wants.

A writer for Details and Maxim, David has been on staff at Premiere and Parenting, a fulltime freelancer for People, a contracted reporter for Us Weekly, and the sex and relationship columnist for Razor. She's done investigative pieces on crystal meth use among film executives and high-class prostitution in Hollywood that prompted Liz Smith to praise her for "carving out a niche uncovering the seedy side of deluxe living."

She's also written celebrity cover stories, first-person essays, and reported pieces for the New York Times, LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Cosmo, Redbook, Self, Stuff, TV Guide, Movieline, Women's Health, Ocean Drive, Vegas, The Saturday Telegraph, Esquire UK, Teen Vogue, Variety, LA Confidential, Tatler (Hong Kong), Emmy, and, among others. One of her first-person sex stories for Playboy was made into the reality show pilot Better Luck Next Town for TBS and she's been written about by Liz Smith, Page Six, and The Marin Independent Journal as well as repeatedly quoted in magazines like Men's Health, Life and Style, and Glamour.

Speech Topics

Surviving and Thriving in an Addictive Society

Addiction may be constantly in the news — and recovery from it is documented on a series of television shows — but very little about how to really cope with and get over these issues is really known. Writer, addiction expert and television personality Anna David takes the information she's gleaned from articles and books she's written about the topic — but primarily from her own personal experience as an addict who's been sober nearly a decade — and breaks alcoholism, addiction and recovery into simple and relatable concepts. SURVIVING AND THRIVING IN AN ADDICTIVE SOCIETY will appeal to those suffering with full-blown or burgeoning addictions, those in romantic or family relationships with addicts, or anyone who wants to learn how to better cope with a society that's always gunning for more, more, more. The program she's developed is designed to help college students catch their burgeoning addictions before they truly take hold as well as give general life lessons on how to cope in a society that in many ways sets its members up to think addictively.

Revolutionize How Students Think About Drinking

Getting Out of Your Own Way: How I Transformed from an Unemployed Addict Who Believed the World Was Against Me into Someone with a Life Bigger Than I Possibly Could Have Dreamed

Falling For You: Reexamine Your Life to Find Peace and Even Love

The Naked Truth: Sex and Dating in College

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the way romantic relationships are portrayed in the media isn’t representative of how they play out in real life. Rather than being glorious experiences filled with a succession of fairy tale moments, real relationships involve compromise, hard work and, above all else, honesty. That’s not to say that they aren’t also filled with glorious experiences and fairy tale moments — just that the less-than-pleasant aspects of romance aren’t always emphasized out there in world. So it’s no wonder that many of us aren’t sure how to navigate these waters.

This program will walk young people through the process of discovering how they really feel about themselves and romantic partners, determining what should be shared about those truths and what kept private, and navigating the occasionally rough waters of sex and romance.


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