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Founder and CEO of CX Journey; Customer Experience Expert & Author

As the Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., Annette Franz is leading the charge for a customer-centric landscape for modern businesses. From her ten principles and practices of customer-centricity to their relentless, real-world use, Franz has fundamentally changed how organizations do business—and boosted their bottom lines in the process.

A seasoned CX veteran with 30 years of experience, Franz worked at some of the most premier organizations in the country including J.D. Power, Fidelity, and Mattel before founding CX Journey Inc. in 2011. Since 2018, she has served as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, providing industry-leading insights into CX and its myriad dovetailing concerns.

As a sought-after thought leader, she has drawn audiences across the country to learn about her methods and philosophy—some of which has been distilled in her books Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business), and in her new release, Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture That Drives Value for Your Business.

Speech Topics

6 Steps from Maps to Outcomes

You've seen the headlines: "Journey mapping is a waste of time." Journey mapping fail." "Why journey mapping sucks." (Those are actual headlines.) The reality is, the problem isn't with journey mapping - it's with how it's done. Journey mapping is a tool and a process, and the process part is the critical part!

In this presentation, I outline my six-step journey mapping process to help attendees get the maps done right and then use them to actual drive change in the organization and to the experience.

This presentation can be a workshop/masterclass or a breakout presentation.

Improve the Customer Experience by Focusing on the Employee Experience

Among the building blocks of a customer experience transformation strategy, focusing on the employee experience is one of the most critical. But why haven't companies made this a priority? We know for a fact that the employee experience drives a great customer experience!

In this presentation, I not only explain what the employee experience entails and how to improve it, but I also share stories from my client work that support the notion that if we fix the employee experience, you'll have resolved 90% of the issues with the customer experience.

You can't fix what's happening on the outside if you don't fix what's happening inside!

Putting the "Customer" in Customer Experience

Everyone talks about customer experience and customer-centricity, but do they really know what that is, what it means, and what it entails.

So many companies give lip service to customer experience - and there are a ton of examples - which means customers still feel like they aren't really at the center of all that businesses do, whether it's designing a product, a service, or a process.

How do we fix that? Customer understanding is really the cornerstone of customer-centricity. In this keynote, I talk about three ways to achieve customer understanding - helping you put the "customer" into "customer experience."

Customer Understanding: The Cornerstone of Customer-Centricity

Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. After all, it's all about the customer! It's the reason companies are in business. Customer experience leaders - those brands that excel at both employee experience and customer experience - are growing five times faster than the competition, and customer are, increasingly, choosing to do business with companies that provide an easier, more convenient, and more seamless experience. But becoming a customer experience leader doesn't happen by chance. You can't just demand it and make it so. It can't just happen in pockets of the organization. It happens when there's a commitment by executives to deliberately design a culture that puts the customer at the heart of everything the business does. For most, this requires a culture shift, a mindset shift, and a behavior shift.

Building A Winning Organization Through Customer-Centric Culture

A customer-centric culture is one that is deliberately designed to be that way. There must be commitment from the top, especially from the CEO, to put customers' best interests at the heart of everything the business does. There are 10 foundational principles that ensure you get the culture that you design and allow. This presentation, which became the basis for Annette's second book and which has been updated to reflect new thinking in (and since) the book, is a must-see for organizations that want to shift how business is done to ensure that the customer is front and center.

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