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Beach Volleyball Olympian, Speaker, Author & Coach

From the Olympic Stage of Beach Volleyball to the corporate and conference stages on three continents, Annette Lynch is a Game Changer.

Her self-motivation, drive and curiosity found a way to not only realize a 25 years of playing for her home country Australian in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, but also to forge a new career beyond sport.

The game change was not easy. A fierce competitor on the court and even with a University degree in Physiotherapy, she was not fully prepared for retirement! She retired 3 times over 6 years before she took charge to change her Game and change her life.

She become a certified Master Results Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer and went on to write about her experience and studies in “Success Beyond Sport – How to Retire From Sport and Keep Winning.” Her 8-step program provides the foundation to create the success in business and life.

Previously a trainer and workshop leader for several leading local and international organizations, Annette puts the spotlight on her message, delivering substance that inspires action and change. She has spoken to audiences in many countries that have included the Institute for Athletes in Retirement and Transition Conference; The Pro-Athlete Business Group Conference; the Roto-Rooters Franchise Association and the Australian Drilling Safety Conference.

Annette’s mission is to help business, community and sporting leaders be game-changers themselves, arming them with confidence, skills and solutions to communicate and lead.

Living in Hawaii, she uses her natural coaching and training skills in both live and virtual environments. Annette has partnered with Toronto-based Trilogy Athletes to mentor professional athletes preparing for retirement, sharing her passion, her mindset and her techniques for life-long achievement.

When not making a difference in the lives of her clients, or spending time with her amazing husband, two cats and dog, Annette looks for opportunities to inspire and empower youth.

Speech Topics

GET THE WINNER’S EDGE - Olympian Secrets to Winning in Business

The Winner’s Edge is what it takes to excel in life. 2000 Olympian, Annette Lynch shares her story and teaches the science behind the mindset that it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve big dreams. Incorporating studies of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Annette will teach the steps that not only helped her in sport but also helped her to transition to success in business and lifestyle.

Key Points

  • 5 Key Attitudes for winning and how to apply them.
  • A process for goal achievement.
  • What separates the dreamers from the achievers?
  • Rules (values) that help you win..
  • How to be fearless and take the risks you need to succeed.
  • Understanding intrinsic motivation – our internal drivers, and influencing that for consistent results.

The interactive program, based on her book “Success beyond Sport”, was born out of Annette’s own personal reinvention following retirement from sport. It taps into the power of the mind and impact of taking personal responsibility on creating desired results. No more excuses. It takes the attitudes and skill of an Olympian and applies it to the professional business world.


Effective presentation skills can make the difference between winning and losing a contract. When you are confident speaking to a group, your audience can relax and truly focus on your message. The audience can FEEL that you know what you are talking about - that you are the expert that they can trust.

Clients have benefitted from Annette’s clear insight to take their presentation from OK to WOW, as well as overcoming nerves and anxiety to have the confidence to speak to audiences, large and small. She will teach the do’s and don’ts of public speaking in a practical, fun and engaging workshop.

  • Overcome the fear of speaking and have unshakeable confidence
  • Build stage presence and connection with the audience
  • Craft a clear message with engaging stories
  • How to get your audience at hello!
  • Take charge of your non-verbal communication – move and gesture with purpose

Annette has experience as a motivational speaker; an educator and as an entrepreneur that sells from the stage giving members exposure to different types of speaking opportunities and styles.

Through the interactive component of the program, practicing each piece allows members to integrate each skill and to grow outside of their comfort zone to be better able to deal with pressure and the little things that can go wrong when needing to perform.


Be a leader through inspiration and learn strategies for effective communication and coaching of your team to create better results.

Learn the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tools that can be used conversationally to create better results.

Key Points

  • How to create instant rapport with anybody
  • Principles for leading self and others to better results
  • Communication styles – understand others to speak their language
  • Empowering language patterns
  • How to ask better questions to resolve problems
  • An introduction to values and their role in team performance

You may know your business but unless you can inspire, motivate and connect with your team, then it’s not enough. Be an empowering leader that gets more out of your team.


This program is about bringing out more of the leader through advanced awareness of subconscious programming to create better understanding of other people’s model of the world.

  • Metaprograms - how an individual processes information.
  • Surface and deep level values
  • Advanced reframing

An effective leader’s focus is on empowerment rather than compliance and enforcement. One needs to have a firm understanding of others in order to best communicate to them - find their individual motivations, different perspectives and even how they process information.

Speak their specific language and build rapport to improve cooperation, team culture and productivity.

Change the Game for Success – How to Get the Results You Really Want

If you want better results, take charge and make a change. A Game Changer goes beyond the edge of what is thought possible….to achieve Olympic size dreams. 2000 Olympian, Annette Lynch, has changed the game on and off the beach volleyball court. Her story is one of getting up again and again, no matter what, to achieve her goals. It all comes down to the inner game – Annette will show you how to lead your life so that you can overcome challenges and achieve high expectations. With her story, and her studies, she will teach the steps and attitudes that not only helped her represent Australia at the Olympic Games, but also helped her change the game in her professional and personal life.

Key Points

  • The preparation and training that separates the top 1%
  • 3 Key Attitudes for winning and how to apply them.
  • Getting in “The Zone” – it’s not just for athletes.
  • Game-changing ways for dealing with obstacles.

Annette will draw upon the parallels between winning on the court and winning in the boardroom in a fun, interactive session. She will inspire the audience to focus on what they want and make it happen. No Excuses

WINNING CONFIDENCE– Claim Your Personal Power

Confidence gives you the ability to pursue your dreams, tackle obstacles and adversity, express your opinions (and listen to others) and to take on new skills that help you grow. Develop the confidence of a champion to lead yourself to success, and inspire those who follow you. Build your personal leadership skills as you breakthrough your fears and know that no matter what happens, you will have the inner strength and self-belief to deal with
absolutely any challenge life throws your way.

Key Points

  • The ‘meaning’ of risk and other situations, and how to use that for better results.
  • Understanding intrinsic motivation – our internal
    drivers, and influencing that for consistent results
  • Identifying fears and other factors that affect
  • Empowering questions to ask to overcome fears

G.A.M.E. - Goal Achievement Made Easy

Everything you need to achieve your goals - from
conceiving them, writing them down to taking the action to make those goals happen.

Discover the extra steps that make the difference to knowing you can achieve anything you set your mind to. In the 9 steps

  • Learn how to write goals with clarity and specificity
  • Use the power of your own imagination
  • Learn how to let go of pressure to achieve goals and targets.....and more

Annette Lynch, shares stories on how she achieved her dream to represent Australia at the 2000 Olympics and success beyond.

Corporate Beach Volleyball Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii you think of beaches, and what better way to spend time on the beach than being active and having fun playing Beach Volleyball.

It’s fun, engaging, interactive and it’s one of the best team-building activities that ANYONE CAN PLAY.

Did you know that you can learn many business success skills and attitudes from the game of beach volleyball?

Corporate Beach Volleyball is a terrific experiential activity to add to your next Hawaii corporate training event, especially when hosted by a Beach Volleyball Olympian.

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