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Anthony Cirillo    

Marketing expert, healthcare thought leader, accomplished vocalist, customer experience guru who has taken a passion for elders and turned it into keynotes and workshops that entertain, educate, motivate and empower.

"There is a passion, which is truly evident in your presentation. You engage your audience and challenge them to connect with others."

"I am very new to board service and it was my first trip to AAHSA. I came away from your session with great info to share with my fellow trustees and staff."

"Wow! I've been to hundreds of seminars but I have never enjoyed one like I did today. What a wonderful combination of song and meaning. Thank you SO much!"

If you need to -

• cut through the clutter to reach boomers and seniors

• motivate and empower employees to deliver exceptional experiences

• educate consumers while building their loyalty and trust

• find a spokesperson who can be a conduit in reaching your audience

Anthony can help you.

Anthony delivers entertaining, from the heart, story-laden, passion driven keynotes that teach and motivate. And through workshops and consulting, he can arm you with a strategic plan to increase revenue, retain employees while building crusaders for your brand. Anthony's wide range of talents - a marketing expert, professional singer, author - puts him in a unique position to not only deliver a strategy but serve as a conduit in reaching and building trust with your audiences.

Anthony is a healthcare marketing expert who consults with organizations globally. A thought leader in the industry he helps organizations leverage word of mouth and create experiences. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and obtained his Masters from the University of Pennsylvania.

Anthony is an award-winning vocalist who has appeared on television and at casinos and resorts. Through his singing, he fell into a mission devoted to our eldest citizens. He spends hundreds of hours with seniors in nursing and assisted living facilities entertaining, enjoying, listening and learning from them. He works to assure our oldest citizens are respected and dignified and that society learns about aging issues and to make choices through education not in a crisis.

This mission resulted in his first book, "Who Moved My Dentures?", now in its second printing. Inspired by the book, Anthony shares life lessons in a motivational keynote entitled "The Meaning of Life" that will have your audience laughing and crying as he shares stories and song.

Anthony is sought after by the media on healthcare, boomer and aging issues. Not only can he help you market to the boomer and senior population but he also can serve as a conduit through his speaking, writing and singing in reaching them.

Anthony is president of Fast Forward Consulting. He is an accredited business communicator of the International Association of Business Communicators, past board member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, past president of IABC Philadelphia and a frequent contributor to Health Leaders online. Anthony's career has spanned hospital work, broadcasting, Fortune 500 and the launching of a Wall Street healthcare startup. A native of Philadelphia, he attained his undergraduate degree from Drexel University. Anthony is a patient expert blogger in aging and senior health for Wellsphere, and a guest blogger for Advance in Long Term Care Management and Long Term Living Magazine. He has 16 CDs and 12 activity guides to his credit. 

Program Sampling

Moving Beyond a Customer Service Mentality to a Person-Centered Culture

People expect high quality care from health organizations. So when facilities all start looking the same how can they choose? They choose in part through recommendations of friends and family who have experienced the care. Organizations that are successful have an experience culture that revolves around not just the patient or resident but the employee, family and community. The most effective marketing comes from people who answer yes to the question - will you recommend us to others? In this session you will find out how to get to YES.

Turning Customers into Crusaders

When employees and customers connect emotionally with your organization, you have more than just employees and customers. You have crusaders for your brand, an army of marketers spreading positive word of mouth (WOM) to anyone who will listen. Leverage WOM to build long term relationships and tipping points so others will choose your facility. For an employee centric version of this, we have Turning Employees into Crusaders.

The Meaning of Life!

A keynote combining stories, song and audience participation that will have attendees laughing, crying, and reflecting on what is really important in life. People leave feeling great and associate that great feeling with the sponsoring organization and the effects are long lasting.

Turning Sources into Sales

In this interactive presentation, we connect marketing and sales, data collection to actionable strategies and show how the way you use information can help increase sales. Uncover new audiences for your sales efforts and learn how to get the most out of your existing sources as well.

Essentials of Marketing

Traditional radio, television and print advertising are on the rise by healthcare marketers. Yet, this is a time when the public is tuning these mediums out and turning on to emerging media to receive information. There has never been a more important time to remind ourselves that "marketing is not advertising." Find out what true marketing is and how healthcare marketing is different than other marketing.

You the Brand

When was the last time you took time for you? At this program you will. We will look at you the brand. Yes, people are brands. Maybe not the way The Donald or Martha are (no last names needed). Each of us has a brand personality, yet we seldom take the time to market ourselves. This session is designed to show you how to market "YOU"!

The One Day Marketing Crusade

The One Day Marketing Crusade is a unique "event" designed primarily for long-term care facilities but which can also be adapted for hospitals and other providers. The Crusade is a full day program that engages all of your internal and external audiences and focuses attention on your facility and its mission.

Connect Emotionally with Boomers to Reap Marketplace Rewards

Baby boomers are an elusive market. Living longer and healthier, acute care and long term services are not on their radar screen. They have other priorities. Find out what they are and how you can connect with them to build your brand loyalty.

Get Audited:

Use a Marketing Assessment to Focus Resources tied to Organizational Goals and Customer Preferences

Just like people and cars, functions need a checkup every once and a while too. Find out what an audit consists of and how it can help you align the goals of the marketing department with that of the organization so that the function is focused on the right initiatives using the right resources.


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