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Antoine Dupont  

CEO of Katapult Marketing

Originally from Paris, France, Antoine Dupont knows how to make people want to watch your videos. Antoine has spent the last five years studying video marketing and in the process has created hundreds of videos for his clients. Antoine's clients are seeing a 3 to 5-time increase in their social media engagement while others have experienced a +37% increase in sales in 2017 from their video marketing strategies. As CEO of Katapult Marketing, he brings his sense of competition to his client’s businesses. Katapult is an internet marketing company that manages the web presence for business owners, helping them grow their business. They create videos and websites that generate leads and increase their credibility. Antoine leads a team of playful, yet serious professionals specializing in generating leads for businesses and organizations through internet marketing.

Speech Topics

Simple Facebook Marketing Strategies for Busy Business Owners

You likely already know that Facebook Marketing is a powerful strategy for growing a business online. What might be holding you back from going “all in” is the fact that you don’t yet have a solid plan for turning Facebook Ads into a profit-generating machine? In this session, Facebook Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont gives you a detailed blueprint for incorporating Facebook Ads and Creative content creation to help you drive more traffic, attract new leads and ultimately fuel your online promotions. Antoine will show you the type of content that works best on Facebook, and when to incorporate Facebook Ads. You’ll walk away with a step-by-step plan (cheat sheet included!) that generates more leads and closes more sales.

How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

Are you frustrated with your lack of lead generation success? Do you wonder why your marketing efforts aren’t producing more fruit and results? Are you confused with how to even begin marketing your company with videos? If so, you’re not alone, Antoine will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable videos in order to get more leads and grow your business. Having worked with businesses and brands around the world as a digital marketing & sales strategist, Antoine is known for his research strategies and psychological approach while getting exceptional results. In this highly engaging presentation, you will discover the essential elements that will take your video marketing plan from good to GREAT– all of which you’ll be able to immediately take back and apply to your business to make the most of your 2019 video marketing efforts.

How To Stand Out In A Content Saturated World

At the core of modern marketing lies one common frustration for most business owners: how do I make my business stand out with all this noise? And how do I stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sounds familiar? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly easy answer, and it has to do with our collective confusion with sales vs. marketing. In this presentation, Award-Winning Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable content in order to get more leads and grow your business. By focusing on quality vs. quantity, and on bull’s eye research, you’ll learn how to create content people want to watch & read, and ultimately do business with you. Most companies waste tons of money every month on stuff that no longer works. It’s time to stop this madness and Antoine will show you how, through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations.

How To Create An Amazing Customer Experience With The Smallest Of Details

This presentation is about why touchpoints, not tactics are the key to gaining visibility for your business. We can all agree that this is a big question that we have is “how do I decide where to start to get more visibility for my business”. And the thing is, we focus so much on the tactics of visibility, should it be Facebook Live, should it be YouTube, should it be social ads, or LinkedIn, who knows, we're actually forgetting the actual touchpoints of the business itself. What is the experience of someone with our business, once they come into it in the first place? And here's the thing, we all know to be true: “the success of the business relies on the success of each touchpoint the customer has with our business”. This means that the best way to get visibility for your business is to choose and or to create tactics that make each top touchpoint worthy of the visibility and the visibility will start to build itself.

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