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Arthur Andrews  

Award-winning Speaker, Author, Trainer and Success Coach

Arthur L. Andrews is an award-winning speaker, author, trainer and success coach. Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, Arthur is a product of urban life. He has experienced first-hand the awesome challenges of the streets. Before becoming a speaker, he served as a peace officer for the New York City Board of Education for 10 years receiving numerous awards of honor and heroism.

Arthur first received payment for speaking and training in 1990. Since 1990 he has given over 1,300 speeches with many of them being repeat performances. Arthur has dedicated his international speaking expertise to helping corporations and other organizations shake off mediocrity and maximize their unlimited potential.

His unique ability to capture and hold audiences spellbound has earned him the respect and business of companies such as Southwestern Bell, Kellogg’s, State Farm Insurance, Lucent Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Air Jamaica, The Stellar Awards, and continues to travel sharing his message of hope.

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Let's Revive our Leaders! In today’s new economy business success as a leader is measured by the speed at which results are produced as well as the creative process utilized in bringing them to fruition. This unique training provides your leaders with the methodology and tools to unite and encourage team members to work together in a way that embraces change throughout your organization. The guarantee is simple, fast individual and organizational transformation. Arthur will provide your leadership team with power methods for breaking the cycle of unproductive and negative behavior. This encounter is designed to assist each leader in identifying and understanding blind spots and to foster constructive dialogue for successful implementation. I know, it all sounds too good to be true. If Leadership CPR is so fast, simple and easy to achieve, you may be thinking, then why isn’t everyone using it? Your guess is as good as mine. Here is what I believe: to transform others, they must have the courage to examine their behaviors and lead the way. If they desire a recipe for how to fix others, this is it: they must fix themselves first, and others will respond to their commitment and follow their example. This process is powerful and life changing! Your leadership team will walk away from this experience with a thinking strategy that will produce high performance. HOW TO DELIVER A PASS: POSITIVELY, AWESOME, SUPERIOR, SERVICE!

Arthur’s upbeat approach and objective is to create and sustain a culture that gets every team member to recognize the value of providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. This session will educate, empower, and inspire your team. Team members will learn to understand their role in the company’s overall customer service and customer loyalty strategy. They will completely understand how their department and individual responsibilities impact the customer. Since we all know that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Team members will become aware of the many opportunities they have to make positive impressions with both their external and internal customers. This will help save defecting customers as they learn how to turn moments of misery into moments of motivational magic. The bottom line is that team members will, through specific techniques and awareness, help to raise the bar on the company’s overall customer service strategies. The program will help create and sustain a culture that gets every team member to recognize the value of providing them with the basics on how to deliver a PASS: Positively, Awesome, Superior Service even when they don’t feel like it and even when they don’t think the customer deserves it! HELP I’M IN A SALES SLUMP!

Your sales team knows about the deadly grip of selling slumps: they have a series of bad days and missed sales; they aren’t coming close to their quota or potential; and they can’t stop worrying about it. In this thrilling experience Arthur explores the slump cycle and offers unique power methods for amazing and very lucrative results. This experience is for rookies as well as veterans. Sales professionals are among the most important people in America. Your company depends on the success of its sales force. High sales are the number one reason for company success. Low sales are the number one reason for company failure. With current analogies, humorous, inspiring stories and effective tactics of some of the most powerful and successful people on the planet, they are now equipped with the knowledge that when applied will give them an incredible advantage. This process is truly engaging and the participants will actually learn how to use their courage and creativity to approach their profession with a sense of power, conviction and renewed optimism. Do you have any challenges that you wish would just disappear? What is the greatest challenge you are facing now? What do you think this is costing you? Are you ready to do something about it? I believe that this program will not only exceed your expectations but will make it a whole lot easier for everyone to achieve sales mastery.


When we fail to exercise self-leadership, we leave success and positive change to chance, or to the desires or decisions of others. Without a doubt, this can create feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment or even depression. But even more importantly, it can stop us from realizing our potential and achieving our goals. It can stop us from visualizing and striving towards the future we want to create. This popular powerful experience empowers each team member to become accountable as well as responsible for their behavior, thus inspiring them to be willing to meet each challenge head on with a more clear, fresh, creative and positive perspective. As a result, the team members will return to their assignments fully engaged and motivated to reach new levels of excellence.

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