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Arunansu Pattanayak      

AI and Innovation Leader & Microsoft Executive

Arunansu Pattanayak is a Microsoft Executive, in Data & AI for the Financial Services sector. With a passion for technology and a deep understanding of the industry, Pattanayak is committed to helping organizations unlock their full potential through data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

With a focus on elevating customer engagements, Pattanayak collaborates closely with clients to identify strategic opportunities for growth and transformation. Drawing upon expertise in Data & AI, Pattanayak develops and implements innovative solutions that optimize operational efficiency, enhance risk management, and drive revenue growth.

Pattanayak's dedication to empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their data is evident in his commitment to staying ahead of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through his innovative solutions and strategic approaches, he enables organizations to thrive in today's competitive market, making a lasting impact on their growth, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Speech Topics

Future Proof your Business: AI Innovation and Beyond

This presentation is about using AI to help organizations innovate for sustainability while remaining hyper competitive. With the fast-paced growth of today’s world, organizations are getting left behind with inefficient processes and out-of-date systems– the same systems their competitors are optimizing.

Arun uses this presentation to help these organizations on how to utilize AI and lean into innovative and disruptive technology so that they maintain a competitive edge in today’s market while also future proofing themselves throughout this tech revolution. Arun draws on his leadership and technology expertise as a Technology Specialist at Microsoft to provide a future-proof framework for sustainable innovation.

Companies who utilize Arun’s Innovative AI framework help increase processes, productivity, and overall profitability while simultaneously making sure organizations stand out amongst their competitors that resist new technology. The future of change is now– Allow Arun to help you, future-proof your business.

Data as Business: Driving innovation through data as product

This presentation is about the business model behind data as product. Every organization today has a lot of data, that includes their business operational data, data about their customers and data they acquire from many sources that they have access to. The most valuable commodity in the market today is information.

Data owned by an organization can be processed and presented in a way that becomes valuable information. With the right strategy data owned by an organization can become a new revenue stream for an organization, sometimes becoming more profitable than their core business.

Arun has helped create data strategy for many large organizations and in the process created a new line of business in terms of data being offered as a product. Let Arun show you proven strategies for building data as a product and building a profitable business around your data.

AI in Finance: How Financial Services can use AI to attract and retain customers and improve operational efficiency.

This presentation is about how AI can be used in a financial services organization to improve sales, customer support and increase business operational efficiency. With the advent of technology, it is becoming easier than ever to start and run a financial service company like banking, insurance, or investment. Many fintech companies today provide online banking services without requiring having a physical location or bearing the risk of holding cash deposits. These fintech companies are now giving the traditional financial services a tough competition.

For a financial services organization to stay competitive in today’s market they need to modernize their technical infrastructure to attract and retain customers and improve their operational efficiency. Let Arun show you the blueprint to using today’s latest technology to make your financial organization attractive to customers, while maximizing profitability.

Effectively implement Anti-Money Laundering Policy: AI edition

This presentation is about a practical and effective approach to implementing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies in an organization. Today’s media is filled with news about financial organizations getting fined millions of dollars for failing to prevent money laundering.

When an institution is found to violate anti money laundering laws, the cost to the organization is not just the regulatory fine, but the reputational damage that comes with it. Considering the volume of transactions that most financial institutions operate in, it is practically impossible to monitor every transaction for money laundering. Thankfully using Big Data analytics and AI it is possible to filter though transactions in real time to find a small group of accounts and transactions that need to be investigated.

Organizations that implement such technical infrastructure can save millions in AML regulatory fines and protect brand reputation in the process. A good technical infrastructure is the only way to have an effective and practical AML policy implementation in an organization. Let Arun help you create the blueprint for a successful AML poly implementation.

AI Compliance: How to build AI without violating government regulations.

This presentation is about implementing compliance for building AI based applications. Data is the most valuable asset of any organization and AI is the way to unlock true potential of data. Recently there has been a lot of talk about new laws being created by governments across the world to ensure AI does not do harm to society. Even without these new proposed laws, there are existing laws around privacy, safety and discrimination that impact business processes that use AI. Violating these laws can lead to Millions of dollars in regulatory fine and cause damage to company brand name.

Arun has worked with today’s top tech companies and fortune 500 companies to create AI compliance policies and processes to enforce them, so that companies can proactively prevent any regulatory compliance violation. Let Arun show you his blueprint for building AI in a compliant manner.

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