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Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda    

Professional Development & Entrepreneurship Speaker, Author of "Jefa in Training"

Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda is a multicultural and bi-lingual business strategist for the new majority and a top-selling author. With 10+ years of experience in business development, community marketing and communications, she was inspired to write and publish the recently released Spanglish business-launching book for the next generation of Latinas and creative entrepreneurs, Jefa in Training.

Through her consulting, newsletter, book and workshops, she’s been able to help hundreds of startup founders, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. She’s been recognized for her work in the Latine community by Telemundo, mitu, Refinery29, Nasdaq, Forbes and nominated a “Latinx to Watch” by Hispanic Executive Magazine.

Ashley is also a keynote speaker, workshop presenter and content creator who partners with corporate companies, universities and mission-driven organizations to empower and inspire others to own their stories and use their uniqueness as a superpower. She has most recently collaborated with teams at Google, Adidas, Montclair University’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Week, Parsons Entrepreneurship Academy and We Are Suma Wealth to present content around entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration, and thought leadership.

Speech Topics

Seeing Your Differences As Your Superpower

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? Like you’ve been put in a box and or feel like you aren't “good enough” because you might be...different? The reason we often feel this way is because of the lack of representation within various departments in many industries. This presentation will help you understand how those differences can in fact be your superpower.

One of the keys to getting over imposter syndrome is to define your personal brand. By knowing what value you have to bring to the table you’ll be able to work more efficiently, lead more intentionally and show up authentically.

Attendees will leave this workshop with:

  • Actionable steps to creating a strong personal brand
  • A framework to help them pitch themselves as a professional in any situation
  • Inspiration to embrace their uniqueness and see it as a superpower

Creating Impact Through Collaboration

Research shows that not collaborating with others is holding you back in your career. But the truth is, most people are too hesitant to work with another person, even if they are working towards the same goal. In this presentation, we will cover exactly what collaboration means, why it’s important, and the steps needed to pull off a successful one.

Attendees will leave with the understanding of:

  • How to let go of their fears and hesitations towards collaborations
  • What a successful collaborative relationship looks like
  • Understanding the four secrets of a successful collaboration

How to Leverage Change to Skyrocket Your Career

We constantly evolve as professionals, entrepreneurs, and as people. Since change is inevitable, at some point each of us will want - or need - to try something new. This workshop covers how to identify opportunities to pivot the trajectory of our lives and careers and how we can better make space for and embrace these changes.

Attendees will leave understanding:

  • How pivots can lead to lead to incredible possibilities
  • The tools they need to manage a potential pivot
  • How to create a step-by-step plan to prepare for change
  • How and when change can be a choice (and how to make it happen)

Creativity: Your Key to Breaking Barriers in Your Career

Creativity is generally associated with the arts. So if you aren't an artist, it's hard to imagine that you're able to be creative, much less how creativity can actually help you in your career. However, creativity is not just for writing songs or painting pictures - creativity means allowing yourself to think outside the box.

This workshop will cover how creativity can foster innovation, inspiration and collaboration for individuals and teams.

Attendees will leave the workshop with understanding:

  • How creativity has been used to create change
  • How to implement creativity every day
  • An exercise to help tap into a creative mindset

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