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Audrey C. Wong  

Consciousness-Infused Business™ and Consciousness-Infused Living™

Audrey's career began as a child actress. She worked with many well-known Hollywood stars, including Bill Cosby-he specifically asked her back to the Cosby Show several times. Audrey also received an art study scholarship from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; she would later combine her love of business with her appreciation of art and design.

Audrey went on to study at Rutgers University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Minor in psychology in 1995. Audrey began her career at Accenture, as a management consultant where she earned the top-tier ranking ("Band 1", Top Performer") every year at Accenture. Audrey had always wanted to marry her business experience and art background. When she made the decision in 2000 to become an entrepreneur, she continued to work in her management consulting career as she launched her first business in parallel. She became a full-time entrepreneur and business owner in 2005. Combining her computer science and psychology background, 10 years of management consulting, and her artistic and performing skills allowed her to provide a unique opportunity to be a proven leader in all aspects of her business: sales, finance, designing, information technology, marketing, process innovation, strategic planning, manufacturing, project management, and so on. These experiences have not only allowed her to advance in the business world but to be able to advise others on how to conduct their businesses.

Audrey C. Wong owns a portfolio of international businesses that manufacture and sell fashion and luxury goods to the mass market. Her companies are leaders in their respective industries. She was able to successfully start and grow these businesses during recessive economic times.

"In my academic career and my professional career as a management consultant I learned analytical and business tools that help to measure and manage the health of a business. That said, there were skills that I always relied on that I never gave myself permission to consciously acknowledge: my openness to learn and evolve both intellectually and emotionally, the ability to let go of old beliefs about myself and the world around me, and my understanding of human psychology (empathy), and my intuition. These softer less tangible skills are what I attribute to helping me launch and grow the businesses to states of abundance, ease, and flow. I have grown a lot and learned a lot of lessons about myself and others in my journey and have developed a way to share these lessons learned in a practical way. The computer scientist in me led me to systematize and organize these lessons and that is how Consciousness-Infused Business™ and Consciousness-Infused Living™ were born. I look forward to sharing tips and tools that will empower and enable others to have abundance, ease, and flow. These tools work for both large and small businesses. These tools work for all walks of life."


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