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Dr. Ava is a media therapist, author of 7 books, founder of Loveology University and world class speaker

Since earning her MA in Human Behavior Counseling from Newport University, followed by a Ph.D., in Philosophy and Ed.D., in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Certified hypnotherapist, Certified AASECT Sex Counselor, Continuing Education Provider for the Board of Behavioral Sciences and Board of Nursing, her mission has always been to promote the benefits of healthy love, intimacy and sex around the globe.

Launching Loveology University® (LU) is Ava's dream come true because she believes we teach what we need to learn the most. Raised in a repressed environment without life or love lessons from parents or peers, her main goal was to help make the world a better place by empowering people to overcome sexual guilt and shame. I established LU in order to share the vast knowledge I have gained in the last fifteen years offering students a wealth of information they may otherwise not have access to.

In the last ten years, Ava Cadell has written seven books and lectured and lectured worldwide from Africa, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, China, Cyprus, El Salvador, England, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius Islands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, all over the US and Vietnam. She has been hired by such distinguished companies as Bayer Pharmaceutical to promote (Cipro XR for urinary tract infections), Amgen & Wyeth’s to promote (Enbrel for psoriasis). Cedar Sinai Medical Center on issues of intimacy after illness and Tantric solutions for sexual dysfunctions. Religious organizations such as the Presbyterian Church and Stephen S. Wise Temple have engaged her for interactive workshops on her book, 12 Steps to Everlasting Love. Other diverse speaking engagements include the Young Presidents Organization worldwide (on 5 continents) the Longevity Conference and Conscious Life Conference. Consequently, I have developed dozens of seminars to motivate singles and couples on the power of love, advanced communication skills, the definition of intimacy, Tantra and sexual healing.

Dr. Cadell maintains a private practice in Los Angeles where she helps clients with love, relationship and sexual issues. She addresses concerns varying from communication problems, performance anxiety, infidelity, sexual compulsion, inability to orgasm to parental concerns. She currently incorporates mind-body medicine into her professional life, and would like to incorporate it more in to her personal life since she suffers from a neurological disease known as Trigeminal neuralgia. Her purpose in taking this training is to explore new techniques for herself, her clients, her students and to incorporate into her seminars.

She has appeared on over 100 notable and highly regarded TV shows as an expert on topics ranging from government funding for sexual research to the consequences of spanking children (MSNBC), sexual consent and Internet dating (CNN), pedophilia (Fox News Live), anger management (A & E), erectile dysfunction (Discovery Health), STD's (FX network), infidelity (CBS News), the future of sex (Sci-Fi Channel), bisexuality (Discovery Channel), sex drive (MTV), celebrity sex talk (E!) and much more.

She has written seven books and a myriad of national and international periodicals solicit her advice on love, relationships and sexuality on a daily basis. She has been referred to as the best in my field by several national magazines such as Redbook, Woman's Own and Cosmopolitan.

In summary, Dr. Ava Cadell continues to dedicate her life to helping individuals, creating programs and products to promote the benefits of healthy love, relationships, intimacy and sex around the globe as she continues to study and collaborate with therapists, social workers, doctors and scientists on a daily basis to pursue quality and distinction in my career.


Intimacy Boot Camp - For Couples

Intimacy Boot Camp is a weekend course of personal fulfillment and sensual enrichment program for couples.  It is guaranteed to improve your communication, enhance your intimacy, and bring passion back into your love life by broadening your sexual horizons.  If you already have passion, it will add even more sizzle and spice to your life.

Join Dr. Ava Cadell in this unique journey and learn exclusive heart-to-heart connective exercises that will result in many changes individually and together.

    * Intimacy touches four human levels including, mental, physical, emotional, and sexual.

    * Intimacy includes sharing your feelings with your partner and communicating wants, needs, desires, and fears openly and honestly.

    * Achieving intimacy will take your relationship to a whole new plateau.

Twelve Steps to Everlasting Love - For Singles

What’s the secret to finding and keeping everlasting love?  This exciting interactive seminar with sex therapist to the stars and love guru, Dr. Ava Cadell is for anyone who wants to put an end to the same old relationship distress and find a love that will last!

There’s no need to go through life alone or stay in a frustrating loveless relationship!  You’ll come away with a proven 30-day action plan for moving out of the past and into the future, for taking control of your own needs and happiness.

Dr. Ava Cadell says, “Conceive it, believe it, and you will achieve it, because everlasting love is attainable for everyone.”

Sexual Healing - For Singles and Couples

Sexual Healing is for singles and couples who want to heal from past relationships, forgive current partners, are recovering from illness or disease, suffer from emotional distress or physical pain, including but not limited to: Anorgasmia, Lack of Desire, Erectile Dysfunction, Painful Intercourse, Hysterectomy, Prostate Surgery, Breast Cancer, or Heart Disease.

One of the most important first steps toward the goal of moving past any sexual shortcomings in your life, along with any emotional distress, is to start having the right relationship with yourself and your own body.  Love, desire, sexuality, and the like all begins with YOU.

Sexual Healing uses the Tantric elements of breath, sound, movement, muscle lock, intention, and attention to allow you to open your mind, your body, and your spirit so that you can let love in.

Business Principles Applied to Romance - For Singles and Couples

Going from business to pleasure. There is a direct correlation to success in business and success in love, although we don’t always recognize it.  Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the same mastery in the bedroom as in the boardroom. If you are a businessperson who complains about not having enough time or energy for love, would like to be more creative in the bedroom, or have a partner who grumbles about your work being more important than love - then this seminar is for you. Dr. Ava Cadell will show you how to negotiate for what you want in your love life and you will discover that it can be just as much fun taking risks in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom.  All you have to do is to invest in your relationship to the degree you invest in your business.

Passion Power - For Couples

Passion Power is a personal fulfillment and sensual enrichment program for couples.  It is guaranteed to improve your communication, enhance your intimacy, and bring passion back into your love life by expanding your sexual horizons.  If you already have passion, it will add even more sizzle and spice to your life. Join Dr. Ava Cadell in this unique journey and learn exclusive heart-to-heart connective exercises that will result in many changes individually and together.  It will take your relationship to a whole new plateau. Empower yourself and your relationship with interactive exercises, positive feedback, and lots of take home value.  So what are you waiting for?  If your relationship could use any improving, then Passion Power is for you.

Passion Power - For Women

Do you wonder if you’re really satisfying your lover?  Have questions about sex you’d rather not ask a friend?  Wish there was a class that could teach you sexual techniques and tools, you know the stuff they didn’t teach in Sex Ed 101?

There is!  In this candid, no-holds-barred seminar, developed by a woman for women, the highly sought after sex therapist to the stars and love guru , Dr. Ava Cadell will answer all your most intimate questions and teach you hot, safe, and sexy techniques designed to both empower you and guarantee your lover’s satisfaction.

This class is for women who love sex and for women who want to love sex, for women who want to be less inhibited about sex, and for those who want to enjoy sex without feelings of guilt or shame.

Passion Power - For Men

In this fun, informative class you’ll discover what women wish you knew about them - but rarely tell you.  Love guru and sex expert Dr. Ava Cadell will answer all your questions, ease your anxieties with frank discussions about what women really want, and teach you new techniques guaranteed to satisfy any woman.

Did you know the majority of women say that they prefer sensuality to sexuality?  So how can you learn about these most desired sensual techniques?  Chances are you won’t get the right information from your ill-informed friends or adult videos.  There is a better way.  The best news is that when you learn to satisfy her sensual needs, she will readily satisfy your sexual needs.

Dr. Ava Cadell will share secrets to fulfilling your partner’s needs by harmonizing sensual techniques that will tease her and drive her wild, incorporating sexual activities to keep you satisfied too.  This class is for men who want to learn the secrets of how to completely satisfy a woman and become known as a true sexpert.

The Stock Market Orgasm - For Singles and Couples

Long-term investors make the best lovers.  Enjoy the journey.  Learn from the market's "ups" and "downs." The Stock Market Orgasm is a new lovemaking system that combines sexual skills with sensual techniques which result in multiple orgasms for him and for her. Dedication to the long-term results in your stock market decision-making is more rewarding and satisfying.  Why should your approach to lovemaking and orgasm be any different?  Calculate your "buys" and "sells" and enjoy a "Healthy Sexual Economy." Follow Dr. Ava Cadell through a series of "market cycles" - exercises and techniques to maximize the rewards of intimate sexual relationships.  Don't be a short term investor in love.  There will be no "quickie" trips tolerated here.  Long-term investors make the best lovers.  You will be taught the pleasure of the whole journey, learning from the experience of the market's "ups" and "downs " along the way.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Love and Sex

Dr. Ava will help parents understand their roles as sex educators.  In this interactive seminar you’ll discover why it is so important to talk to your kids about love and sex at an early age.  You’ll learn how to plan what you want to say ahead of time, to ask specific questions, to listen not judge, to be honest, and to give information that will help your children grow up to be safe and healthy adults.  This seminar is not about the biology of reproduction because that information your kids can get at school; it’s about teaching them the responsibilities that go along with sexuality and sexual relations. Whether your child is a fourth grader or a teen, your open and honest communication will ensure that they grow into adults who will make their own choices that result in healthy and stable relationships.

The Tantric Lab

For those who don’t already know, Tantra is bringing more than just your body to an intimate experience.  The Tantric Lab is Dr. Ava’s interactive lab work for couples who want to learn and experience the ancient art of Tantra.  Join Dr. Ava in this unique journey and learn exclusive heart connected to heart exercises that will result in many internal changes both individually and together.

Take part in spiritual and sensual traditions that will prepare you for Tantric sex.  It will take your relationship to a whole new spiritual plateau.  Tantra can help to heal relationships, break down defensive walls, improve intimate communication, and enhance relationships that have lost some of the sizzle and spice.

    * For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs.

    * For men, Tantra can open up a vast new world of intimacy and provide the tools to become multi-orgasmic.

    * For couples, Tantra can create a more meaningful and intimate connection.

Master Sexpert Certification

You will learn the skills you need to call yourself a Master Sexpert.  So whether you want to be a Master Sexpert to impress your lover with your sexual knowledge and prowess, make your friends jealous while becoming the center of attention, or apply these techniques and tools to your private practice and/or the work that you do in your respective field, this course will empower you.

It is inevitable that you will come across a question or concern that challenges your knowledge about sexuality and sex related concerns.  This Master Sexpert course and certification not only gives CEU’s to Therapists, Counselors, Sex Educators, Nurses, and Social Workers, it gives you the confidence of knowing that you will be fully prepared the next time your client, patient, friend, or lover confronts you with questions about sex.


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