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Strong Secrets of Six-Figure Women

As the daughter of one of the founders of H&R Block, having money was never a problem for Barbara Stanny; knowing how to manage money, however, was a different story. She watched her father take control of financial matters concerning their home, so naturally, she assumed that when she married, she too would appoint her husband money manager of the family. And she did, leaving her husband in control of a sizable trust fund. After discovering that her husband misappropriated her savings, no once but twice, Barbara was given the shocking news that she was liable for a back tax fee her now ex-husband had amassed, a fee which almost left her insolvent.

In her first book, "Prince Charming Isn't Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money," released in 1997 and recently reissued for its 10th anniversary by Penguin Press, Barbara urges women to take control of their own finances and stop counting on a fictitious knight in shining armor. In addition to her own story, Stanny has interviewed financially successful women, ranging in means from moderate to wealthy, who also at one time were oblivious on how to wisely invest their money. Like many women, they were hesitant to invest because they thought that they didn't have enough with which to begin.

Barbara has synthesized her own ideas with those from the other success stories into what she calls "the Seven Realization of Financial Enlightenment." These insights are the integral part of each financial success story. Barbara is a writer, speaker, former career counselor, business owner and the and the author of four other books including Secrets of Six Figure Women and Overcoming Underearning which just came out in paperback. Her syndicated career column appeared in newspapers nationwide, and she hosted her own radio show, Job Talk, on KSOL-FM in San Francisco.

Speech Topics


This program inspires participants to become Dare Dreamers - people who boldly bring their dreams to life. Barbara walks the audience through the emotional phases and psychological forces that often derail dreams and offers practical tips for staying on track and being financially responsible in the process.

  • Birth of a dream: Barbara's experience creating an annual Do Your Dream Day in her community
  • Four steps to being a successful Dare Dreamer
  • Three dream killers
  • Diagram for the Dare Dreamer: riding the roller coaster

Overcoming Under Earning

This is for anyone who's ever said to themselves: "I wish I could make more money."

  • Barbara's personal story of overcoming underearning
  • Why so many women are underearners
  • Characteristics of an underearner
  • Why it's important to earn more
  • What's stopping you
  • Five steps for breaking through your earnings barrier
  • Developing an action plan

Prince Charming Isn't Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

By sharing her dramatic story, along with numerous anecdotes, Barbara motivates women to take charge of their money. Her presentation includes:

  • Her personal journey to financial success
  • Four steps to Financial Mastery
  • Three Realizations of financial enlightenment
  • Financial responsibility as a rite of passage

Strong Secrets of Six-Figure Women

A fascinating, engaging, and often humorous discussion based on her interviews with 154 High Earners. This talk is not just for women who work, but for anyone who wants to go to the next level in her life.

  • Barbara's personal story: How the interviews changed her life
  • Why women aren't making more: Three reasons they get stuck
  • Four simple steps to up your earnings and change your life
  • The High Earners Epiphany

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