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Swedish Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer and DJ; Former Contestant of the Hit Reality TV Show "Celebrity Big Brother"

Jonas Erik Altberg was born on 22 December 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden. He lived with his parents and younger brother near Tylösand, a famous Swedish beach. He started to produce music under the stage name “Basshunter” in 1999 with the computer program Fruity Loops, and released his first albums, “The Old Shit” and “The Bassmachine,” through his own homepage in 1999 and 2004 respectively. His interest in music became greater as he progressed.

In April 2006, he signed his first contract with Extensive Music/Warner Music after signing with Extensive Music as management, releasing his first single, “Boten Anna.” In Scandinavia, the song became a hit instantly and was the first ever Swedish language song to reach number one on numerous charts around the world. His major label debut album, LOL <(^^,)> would chart all over Europe and launch him into the forefront of dance music.

When Basshunter reached 50,000 friends on MySpace, he celebrated by releasing “Beer in the Bar – MySpace Edit” and chatting via webcam with fans causing several crashes in the network he was in.

In the end of 2007, Altberg released a re-recording of “Boten Anna”, titled “Now You’re Gone,” the video also featured Aylar Lie and was the first of four videos. The song subsequently charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, and stayed there for 5 weeks! At this time “Basshunter” was at several occasion the most sought term on social communities (MySpace, Facebook etc) on a global scale. His YouTube videos had hundreds of millions views!

Throughout 2007 and 2008, Basshunter was working on a new album, titled “Now You’re Gone: The Album,” after the leading single it was released on 14 July 2008. Next song to be released was “All I Ever Wanted,” an English re-recording of “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA,” in the vein of “Now You’re Gone.” And the story in the video continued with Aylar Lie. The Album went directly No. 1 in UK and have sold gold and platinum in several countries around the world.

The third single released in the UK was “Angel in the Night.” The video was a great success and in this one Basshunter finally got his girl.

The fourth single, “I Miss You” was released on 15 December 2008 alongside the fifth single “Jingle Bells (Bass).” The video was shot in Norway and concluded the Basshunter – Aylar Lie love story.

After the success in UK, he have toped the charts in US, several weeks at No. 1 on iTunes and all the way to South Africa and New Zealand with both singles and Album hitting the top chart position for several months.

In September 2009, Basshunter released his album Bass Generation of which hit singles “Why” and “Every Morning” are included.

Basshunter was also the first Swedish artist that has been the host for a 72-hour tweet-for-ticket-party, where the fans could be able to stream his new album, and in exchange post a link on his or her facebook/twitter page. Basshunter will also set out on the Bass Generation tour in October 2009 in support on the album.

Basshunter is seen as the biggest commercial dance artist in the world right now.


Overseas EDM sensation Basshunter will headline at The New Ice ...

Swedish electronic dance music sensation Basshunter will headline a concert beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 1, at The New Ice House in McAllen ...

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