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Ben Campagna      

Human Behavior & Holistic Performance Expert

Ben Campagna is a sought-after, Switzerland-based expert in human behavior, transformation, personal development and holistic health and performance. With international clients ranging from elite athletes and entrepreneurs to executives and other people seeking to unlock their inherent potential, Ben leads one-on-one, facilitated group and workshop settings to optimize health and well-being. To date, his practices and methods have helped people break free from destructive and addictive behavioral patterns, find meaningful purpose, accelerate recovery and regeneration, and elevate mental, physical and emotional health to revitalize performance.

Over 10+ years as a coach and international speaker, Campagna has inspired progression and evolution in thousands of people and dozens of organizations. His expertise covers the breadth of human psychology, nutrition, sport sciences and holistic health and performance. His approach to driving sustainable shifts in behavior and performance patterns is founded on human-centric principles that build capacity for change and nurture conducive environments for growth and development. Campagna specializes in bringing the science of change, and driving physical and mental health advancements to help organizations and employees navigate the challenges of the modern corporate landscape. Through a collaborative, guided approach, he works with clients to uncover deep-rooted issues, barriers and challenges, and develop evidence-backed interventions to create lasting change.

Campagna shapes 360° strategies for physical and mental transformation and resilience. Leveraging his own background as an elite athlete in combat sports and martial arts, coupled with his versatile communication skills and science-backed methodology, he is a trusted partner to top performers across all walks of life. He is also recognized for offering a straightforward, pragmatic approach to catalyze personal development.

Campagna’s highly unique background as an athlete, coach and speaker has taken him across the world. Starting at the age of 17, Campagna was already trusted to create life changes with individuals, spoke at his first conference at 20 and delivered his first intervention workshop at a large corporate at the age of 23. In the years since, he has acquired a pre-eminent reputation for helping people of all ages and backgrounds create profound change, eradicate addictive behaviors and lead more fulfilling lives.

He has completed extensive training and holds qualifications from leading institutions based across Switzerland and USA.

Speech Topics

Personal Revolution

The world we live in today is characterized by constant change, upheaval and evolution. In this environment, it is critical to understand the psychology of change to master the art of self-reinvention and evolve our personal selves to the next level. It is also illuminating to retain an awareness of the non-functional physical, mental and psychological traps that you are susceptible to when trying to create change, and how to adapt your mindsets and behaviors accordingly to get change to serve you.

Resilience, Stress Management, and Burnout Prevention

Exacerbated by new working patterns post the pandemic, chronic stress and burnout are afflicting hundreds of thousands of people today – knowingly and unknowingly. Unlocking peak performance requires harmony between the physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of individuals. By looking through the lens of human psychology, physiology and nutrition, we can design strategies and interventions tailored to the specific needs of your organization that bolster holistic health and fitness to prevent burnout and optimize engagement at work.

Mental Self-Defense

In periods of rapid change or uncertainty, it is normal to feel drained or overwhelmed. Mental fortitude enables us to remain grounded, pragmatic, and capable of making solid decisions. In this conference, Ben uses analogies from martial arts and combat sports to transmit the psychological tools, frameworks and strategies you can harness to retain self-mastery of the brain during times of crisis and build deep reserves of resilience to successfully navigate change.

Intuitive Nutrition

The impact of nutrition on our mood, stress levels and general health is often underrated. While there is significant focus on the physiological effects and outcomes of nutrition, the behavioral aspect of nutrition tends to fly under the radar. In this session, Ben speaks to the substantial influence of nutrition on physical and mental health, common non-functional eating patterns, and pathways to instilling functional eating habits. Ultimately, participants can reach a state of ‘intuitive nutrition’ where they reconnect with their body’s wisdom to make better eating decisions naturally without the need for restrictive diets.

Lifestyle Change from Chronic Stress to Vitality

The key to managing chronic stress, fatigue and exhaustion lies at the intersection of human behavior and human health across mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. When we build the right habits, processes and mindsets, we can break free from the chains that hold us back by recognizing the patterns that generate stress and fatigue. This session equips participants with a deeper knowledge of optimal health and performance strategies that empower our minds and bodies to sustain high levels of energy, stamina and mental strength.

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