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My name is Betty J. Eadie. I am the author of the NY Times Bestselling book, Embraced by the Light, which to date has sold more than 13 million copies and been translated into 38 different languages. I regularly receive invitations to speak around the wor

My name is Betty J. Eadie. I am the author of the NY Times Bestselling book, Embraced by the Light, which to date has sold more than 13 million copies and been translated into 38 different languages. I regularly receive invitations to speak around the world, and am searching for representation to help me field these offers as well as open myself up to new opportunities.

Topics I am able to speak about:

My early childhood - My mother was a full blooded Lakota Sioux and I was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. I remember seeing signs that said "No Dogs or Indians Allowed" when my family would travel to the neighboring town. We were very poor and as a young girl I would take a rifle and head into the woods, searching for squirrel or other game to bring home to feed my hungry family. In elementary school my brothers, sisters and I were sent to a Catholic Indian Boarding school. There, we were called heathens and forced to shave our beautiful, long, native hair. I have many stories ranging from the heartbreaking to the hilarious of how I was able to transcend these circumstances and elevate myself from these humble beginnings without ever losing sight of where I came from.

Raising a family - I have a total of eight children. One tragically died of SIDS as an infant. Another, an abused Native American baby girl, was adopted by my husband and I when the rest of our children were almost grown. Bringing up a large family on my husband's salary has given me a unique insight into everything from home economics, household maintenance, discipline, to societal changes and how they affect the modern American family.

My Near Death Experience- When I was was 31 years old, I died in the hospital after routine surgery. I came back with vivid memories of heaven and the afterlife and wrote about them in my NY Times Bestselling book, Embraced by the Light. I get thousands of emails and letters every year from people who have found comfort, solace and answers as a result of reading about my NDE. This is something I always enjoy speaking about in person to audiences of all sizes.

Hospice/Hypnotherapy work- After my NDE I wanted to use my new perspective to help people who were suffering. I became a licensed hypnotherapist and spent several years helping people work through pain and trauma so they could move on with their lives. I also volunteered as a hospice worker for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, helping people transition out of this life and into the next.

Writing my book - how did a woman with a second grade education and no connections to the publishing industry go on to become a publishing phenomenon? I decided I needed to share my NDE with the world and sat down to write my story at the kitchen table. From the beginning when I traveled around and sold the book out of the trunk of he car, to topping the NY Times Bestsellers lists simultaneously in hardcover and paper and appearing on such television shows as Oprah, Good Morning America, 20/20, The O'Reilly Show and The Today show, my publishing story is truly unique.

Overcoming Tragedy - Strangers often reach out to me when undergoing personal tragedy. Perhaps this is because they know I have been forced to endure so much tragedy of my own - from growing up poor and discriminated against, to losing numerous family members on the reservation to the ravages of alcohol, losing my precious daughter, Cynthia to SIDS, a son gravely injured serving our country in the Marines in the Persian Gulf War, to the health struggles of my late husband, My NDE has given me a unique perspective that keeps me moving forward, giving unto others, and loving all around me.

Losing my husband - A little over a year ago, I lost my beloved husband, Joseph, suddenly and unexpectedly due to heart complications. I was completely unprepared for widowhood - not just the loneliness and emptiness that came from losing my partner, but on a physical and practical level as well. Joseph had run the household's finances. I now found myself struggling to access bank accounts and bills that were in his name alone, uncovering computer passwords and wading through the mountains of paperwork bestowed upon me by various agencies. My story is not unique in this regard, which is exactly why it needs to be shared with other women so they do not find themselves in the same bind.

On being an author in the modern world - At the height of my success I stepped away from traditional publishing and founded my own press. I actively maintain a website with a large and active community. I recently made one of my books available electronically and starting in March, I am launching a podcast. I am able to speak about the book industry from many vantage points as the debate over traditional publishing and online platforms begins to take center stage.

These are just a few of the many topics I can can speak about. Your bureau represents some of the most celebrated authors in the world, and yet I don't think there is anyone else on your roster who can speak from these unique perspectives. Because of this, I feel I would be a perfect fit for your agency. If you would be interested in exploring this further please contact me via my son Joseph email [email protected] or telephone at 206.930.8607. He will be able to schedule a time for you and I to speak.

I hope to hear from you soon....



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