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Michael Sherlock, renowned around the world as "Biker", grew up surfing on the Jersey shore. While his passion continues to be surfing, Biker always excelled in sports most popularly referred to as "extreme", including skateboarding (since age 11), snowbo

In October 1995, a friend introduced Biker Sherlock to street luging and he was immediately hooked. By June 1996, only 8 months after taking up the sport, Biker competed in the ESPN X-Games, his first professional race, and won gold, shocking fellow lugers and rocking the downhill racing world! He is the most decorated downhill skateboard and street luge athlete in the history of the ESPN X-Games (4 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze) and NBC Gravity Games (2 gold, 3 silver). In 1998 Biker landed a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most gold medals won at the ESPN X-Games.He currently holds the title of 2000 EDI Downhiller of the Year and 2000 EDI World Champion Downhill Skateboarder and held the title of EDI National Street Luge Champion from 1996-1999.

Biker Sherlock has become synonymous with ideas such as "idol," "hero," and "legend" among alternative sports fans. He captivates audiences with thrilling, risk taking moves as he plunges down hills at insane speeds just inches above the concrete.

In conjunction with Tech DeckÔ , Biker has developed the Tech Deck Biker Sherlock Street Luge Play Set, which will be featured in major retail stores for the 2000 Christmas season.

In 1996, Biker successfully sought business opportunities that complimented his competitive success. He became president and owner of Extreme Downhill International (EDI), the premier sanctioning body of downhill skateboarding and street luging.

Biker took EDI to the next level of sport organizing when he served as consultant to NBC Sports and sport organizer to emap Petersen Publishing and Octagon Sports Marketing for the inaugural 1999 NBC Gravity Games. Heralded by NBC as the best sport organizer at the inaugural games, Biker and EDI eclipsed their performance as sport organizer at the 2000 Gravity Games and are contracted for 2001.

Also in 1996, Biker founded and is president and owner of Dregsâ Skateboards Company, specializing in the sale of street luge equipment and longboard skateboards.

Biker Sherlock is also team leader and owner of Team Dregsâ , a dominating force in downhill skateboarding. Team Dregsâ collectively won 50% or 6 medals awarded for downhill racing at the 2000 NBC Gravity Games. Under Biker’s leadership, Team Dregsâ has become the best downhill racing team in the country.


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