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Bill Hawkins    

Specialist in Leadership Development, Performance Management, & Executive Coaching

Bill Hawkins uses the latest research on leadership effectiveness coupled with on -the- job experience to deliver practical, high impact leadership education workshops, keynotes, and highly effective executive one-on-one coaching.

In association with Marshall Goldsmith Partners for more than fifteen years, Hawkins goal is positive, lasting change in behavior for leaders, their people and their teams. A dynamic speaker for small or large groups, he really shines in workshops, and has facilitated leadership education workshops on five continents. Hawkins uses his experience as a sales and marketing executive to bring a breadth of understanding and insight to “real world” situations, and has intimate understanding of the pressures faced by the health care industry, or any industry focused on sales. Popular workshops reveal 16 habits that cause salespeople to stumble, the key indicators for high potential employees, and performance-based coaching tools and techniques. Like his mentor, Marshall Goldsmith, Hawkins job is not only to help people learn, but to help people do.

Hawkins began his career with a division of Johnson & Johnson. He then joined Boston Scientific Corporation as director and then vice president of sales and marketing, before joining Marshall Goldsmith Partners. In addition to co-authoring many research projects, Hawkins is the co-author of the hotly anticipated What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales, the spin-off of Goldsmith’s New York Times best-seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Hawkins clients include American Express, AT&T, BellSouth, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, SUN Microsystems, Toyota, Washington Mutual Financial Services, and Weyerhaeuser. Aside from his work with major corporations, Hawkins has donated his services to the International Red Cross/Red Crescent, the New York Association for New Americans, and the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Hawkins is a member of the Learning Network, the Peter Drucker Foundation Thought Leader’s Forum, and is listed in Who’s Who in International Business.  He is a contributing author in the Peter Drucker Foundation book The Organization of the Future, and is also a contributing author in Coaching for Leadership, and Change Champion’s Fieldguide. He holds a BS from Drake University and an MBA from Indiana University.

Speech Topics

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.

The skills, talents, and abilities that got you here, may not (in fact, probably won’t) take you to the next level of success:

Analyze the unique challenges that determine success at each stage of a career and each level in the organization.
Discover the 20 annoying personal habits (including a few that might have been rewarded early in a career) that can get leaders into trouble.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

– in Sales. Sales success in the new world of customer expectation:

Understand that the game is changing. Customers are behaving differently … the selling context has changed. Sales people must adapt.
Instead of your usual “To Do” list, start your “To Stop” list.  Examine 16 bad habits that can impact sales effectiveness in the new world.

Building Your Personal and Professional MOJO. Mojo:

How to get it. How to keep it. What to do to get it back if you (or members of your team) lose it.

Identify the five key variables that impact engagement on the job.
Examine the Mojo Tool Kit (14 practical tools to achieve success).

MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back If You Lose It.

Mojo is the feeling we get when we're moving forward, making progress, achieving goals, clearing hurdles, passing the competition--and doing so with increasing ease. Based on Marshall Goldsmith's newest book, Hawkins discusses the new world of work and shows why mojo is more important than ever before. By the end of the session, participants will be able to define mojo, measure it, and keep mojo by letting go of the little stuff, avoiding pointless arguments at work, and steering clear of mojo-killers.

Performance Based Coaching

In the old world, the boss knew best. Now, employees may own more technological information than their immediate supervisor, and know the job better than the boss. Hawkins explores how to be a great coach and mentor without being a technical expert. He looks at how to develop yourself, coach others for measurable behavior change, and learn a new technique for team building that is fast and effective.

Identifying High Potential Employees

Every leader is faced with the dilemma of doing two things simultaneously: produce excellent current results and prepare for the future by building skills and capabilities of your entire team. Hawkins reveals the latest research on identifying high potential talent and examines how to maximize the return on investment for the time you spend with your people. Participants will learn how to build development into the job, and acquire tools that will motivate every member of the team.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There--In Sales

A spin off of the highly successful book, Hawkins, in association with Marshall Goldsmith Partners, reveals the 16 habits that cause successful salespeople to stumble. He explains how to differentiate the average salesperson from the superstar, and reveals tools for improvement and growth. Hawkins will teach techniques like peer coaching, and explore the motivations and goals of really successful salespeople.

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