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Bill Wooditch    

Founder, CEO, and president of The Wooditch Group

Bill Wooditch is a keynote speaker and high-performance business training coach. He is a mentor and advocate for those who actively seek and are determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

He is the founder, CEO, and president of The Wooditch Group, a privately held risk management and insurance services firm. The Wooditch Group provides client-centric solutions and comprehensive risk management programs for clients whose revenues range from $10 million to $1 billion throughout the United States. He is also the founder of Think Next, Act Now!, a company that trains and mentors tomorrow’s entrepreneur today.

He began his career on the phones, knocking on doors, and engaging with people, as he “found a way and made a way” to become the top salesperson in two Fortune 500 companies.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Purdue University and his master’s degree in public administration at Penn State.

Speech Topics

You Are the CEO of "The Franchise of YOU!"

You are going to make your fate and generate your luck by activity, knowledge, people skills, and Colgate smile.

If you earn a paycheck, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs, my friends, because you are in business for yourself. You work for yourself, think about it. There is no way around or out of this arrangement. You work for your freedom, your security, or your illusion of your security, your necessities, your luxuries, and all that which emanates from the business of you.

Know that you work for yourself. Every email you type, every letter you write, every conversation you have, every thought that crosses your mind and every action that emanates from that thought, paints and frames you as not only a brand but as a singular corporation. It is your future; treat it with respect in the present.

The Four Pillars of Sales Excellence

When you leave a room, do you leave a void? Are you missed? Do people feel and feed off of your energy? When you’re out of the room, do they wish you were back in the room? You’ll know when you leave a void when the wake of your presence is missed. How? They bring you back for more – they want to connect again.

Your personal platform is supported by Four Pillars of Energy™ – the intellectual (your knowledge, thoughts and mindset; the engines that drive), the spiritual (where your purpose emanates; where your “why” is found, the overarching belief in something bigger than you), the emotional (the fuel for your purpose; the lived extension of your empathy), and the physical (the vessel that imports and exports the concepts that allow you to physically feel and live life to the fullest).

This has consistently been one of my most requested presentations; it is a passionate and dynamic engagement with the audience that brings the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual pillars to life. This talk will unveil the power of each pillar. You bring this power with you to each and every engagement in the subset of life that is business.

Leading Lions

We teach lions to hunt; we feed our sheep – We need both to survive and thrive.

Every organization seeks game-changers. Game-changers change the business landscape. They are the ones willing to take intelligent risks to influence the result. They are resilient; they know the difference between winning and losing. They have the mindset and aptitude to create possibilities. They turn possibilities into opportunities and opportunities into clients. They are accountable for their actions and they are determined to succeed. They are as rare as sheep are common. You attract your lions when your organization provides the teaching, mentorship and environment for them to learn to hunt. All else is a flock of sheep.

This is a talk for achievers or those on the cusp of achievement. It’s a superstar sales talk and a leadership talk. It’s for those managers and leaders of companies who are willing to explore different ways to recruit, train and keep their lions. It’s for the lions who want to learn if there is another way to hunt.

"You Can't Do Good Business Sitting On Your Ass"

YCDGBSOYA makes business personal. This talk will engage and challenge you – it will reveal the way to win hearts and influence minds.

You Can’t Do Good Business Sitting On Your Ass gives you the edge in business! How do you gain the edge?

  • You gain the edge when you lose excuses, reasons, and conditions for failure. Success is the product of personal accountability, perseverance, and the applied lessons of failure. The edge accepts failure as a part of success.

  • You gain the edge when you learn the cost of success and embrace the sacrifice necessary to realize it.

  • You gain the edge when creativity becomes action — where you think and do with purpose and conviction.

  • The edge is knowing when to pull back, push away, or walk away from a bad position.

  • The edge is distinctive because it dares to be different, open and transparent.

  • The edge isn’t trying to be perfect or superhuman— it’s the commitment to be prepared, authentic, and transparent.

  • The edge prepares to compete and competes to win.

  • The edge is always moving forward—forward wins the moment, delay will lose the day, month, quarter, year, and perhaps cost you your career.

  • You get the edge when you follow the process that converts a suspect to a prospect and prospect to client.

  • You gain the edge when you learn that perfect is the enemy of good.

The Sex of Sales

Enrollment from suspect to prospect and prospect to client is a process that I metaphorically link to dating. Let’s view this in the context of courtship in a bygone era that is as rare now as online dating is common. Courtship is a process of winning the heart of another. It is a process of familiarity gained through time spent getting to know each other; learning of another’s values, goals and aspirations.

The goal in a courtship is to get to “next” – the next date, the next step in the process to the altar. This talk is about getting to “next” – it examines the why, how, when, where and what of a process that is designed to win hearts and influence minds.

Developing relationships in business is subject to the art of courtship – it is a process and a practice. The Sex of Sales talk is an engaging experience – together we will explore and navigate the art and steps that are essential to enroll hearts and minds.


Research has proven that willpower is a greater indicator of future success than IQ. Willpower is the difference maker that separates those who wish and surrender from those who visualize and achieve.

Learn how to summon the will to remain engaged in the process of life. Life is a process of improvement, or it is an illusory comfort that is existence. We must think of our willpower as holding us accountable internally, to the actions and behaviors which can best yield the desired external result.

Willpower is the inextricable marriage of fortitude and perseverance, influenced by deep desire which transforms clarity of thought into directed action. Willpower is the internalization of challenges externalized through action – It must be unwavering and resilient in the relentless pursuit in generating a favorable conclusion.

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Facing Fear

Your first sale is to your clients fear. We all have our fears. We have fears by degree. No matter how intrepid we think we may be, we have our fears, our shadows of doubt and our deep seeds of insecurity.

This talk is for the bold. In life there are the willing and able, the unwilling and unable. This talk is for those people who are willing and able to apply vision, resilience, and strength of determination with an insatiable quest to learn, improve, apply and be accountable.

Discover where fears come from and learn how to absorb their energy to move forward – life supports forward movement – adapt, adopt, evolve and flourish.

Always Forward!

What we think and what we do in the moments, hours, days, or decades will determine whether our life is enriched or impoverished. The voice that seeks excellence echoes the tone of possibility; it is steadfast in the face of risk and humble in the accumulation of reward. If you are determined to make a change in your life—Always Forward! will serve as both your essential toolkit and indispensable guide.

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