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5 time national off road racing Champion and driver of the #97 Monster Energy Trophy Truck. Three time S.C.O.R.E Champion, two time B.I.T.D. Champion. 5 Toyota Milestone awards. Dakar Class Champion 2008.

As a young kid I started following several forms of racing. From Motocross to rally and road racing. I took a particular interest into long distance off road racing after watching the Baja 1000 when I was 12. I then started following off road racing religiously and would follow every race that was televised on any network. The sport fascinated me. I couldnt believe how fast a vehicle could go in the open desert over 4 and 5 foot bumps. The fact that the drivers and their machines could handle so much abuse for such long distances interested me. I became a fan of Ivan Stewart, Larry Ragland, Robby Gordon and Rob Maccacren. When I was in High School and I got my drivers license I would go to several off road races with a few of my friends. We would wait for hours just to get a chance to watch our favorite drivers run a section of the course. It was amazing to see the trucks work through the bumps, even if only for a few seconds it was worth the wait.

When I was 17 I started to ride a few races with the Deans from Valley performance and with a little help from my sister I purchased a limited 2 seat buggy and started my very small off road racing program. It was a very small operation. I did most of my own prep work and learned from my many mistakes. It was beyond fun. I couldnt believe how fast the limited buggies could go.

For 7 years I raced in various limited classes before making the jump to the unlimited class. And after some time racing unlimited buggies we made the jump to the premier Trophy Truck division. The most elite and fastest vehicles in off road racing.

Learning to drive a truck was tough for me at first. Its like going from skiing to snowboarding. I had a couple of bad crashes just trying to keep up with the other drivers. I sought out help from racing legend Larry Ragland. He was my mentor. He taught me a lot about maintaining speed, car control, and making the truck go fast without hurting it mechanically. It was during this time that I spend with Larry that I was learning the most. After spending little time with him there was a dramatic change in my success as a driver. I won a truck race! Then I won again! Then I won my first Championship. After learning so much from Larry I started to learn a little from other drivers that were fast. Robby Gordon was another driver I learned a lot from. Maybe too much. In 2008 Robby Gordon invited me to drive the secondary Hummer in the Dakar rally for Team Dakar USA. At that rally I actually finished ahead of Robby. I got 7th overall and 1st in class.

Over the years we have evolved from a very small racing team to the most successful off road racing team in the sport. We are working on our 5th off road racing Championship and counting and we have no intentions on stopping. We have major sponsorship agreements that fund the program and we deliver above and beyond their expectations every chance we get. Our dedication to our sponsors, our fans, and the sport as a whole is unmeasurable. We are taking off road racing to the next level and nothing is going to get in our way.

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