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Communication Expert

There are likely some people in the corporate arena who haven’t learned something from Bonnie Dean, but there are probably few who haven’t had a terrific time in the process! Her extensive knowledge of value-based communication skills, team building through creativity and fun, her interactive teaching style and her understated sense of humor create a stimulating learning environment for industry professionals and layman alike! Bonnie has a knack for conveying the human side of communication, says Shirley Salter of Boeing North America. Her gift is taking black and white events and turning them into Technicolor extravaganzas! Her programs have been heard from South Africa to Canada, Australia to France and all the places in between.

You may notice something different about Bonnie. It starts with those crazy tennis shoes she wears everywhere. Graduating from California State University San Diego and the School of Hard Knocks, Bonnie was one of the original fitness instructors, marathon runners and Kauai backpacking guides in the 70s.

Bonnie’s programs inspire change and refocus corporate cultures to start thinking as one cohesive entity instead of the fragmented units that often plight the business world. The ultimate compliment from a meeting planner was; It’s not about her, it’s about how she makes people feel about themselves.

Bonnie is the CCO (Chief Creativity Officer) of W.O.W. Presentations, an international events company that celebrates the relationships of co-workers, customers, and management. Bonnie has been described as: a veg-o-matic blend of Shakespearean actor, improve comic, sitcom starlet, soap opera diva, Vegas showgirl, Harvard professor, informercial huckster, information architect, Broadway choreographer, Navaho storyteller, circus clown, aerobics instructor, and industrial psychologist, a human hurricane of immense heart and boundless energy who throws off more sparks than a Shuttle launch.

Heard most recently in South Africa on Cape Town Talk and Women Speak‚ she is a frequent quest on KTLA TV’s Making IT morning show doing motivational minutes.

Speech Topics


Take It To The Edge

Tired of stumbling through life? Learn how to create a roadmap for a life by design,

not by accident! With gusts of zest, gales of laughter, and tools to take home,

Bonnie leads you on a journey of discovery of a simpler, fuller life.

No Deposit / No Return

People are the most important resource on this planet and the number one Fertilizer is appreciation - the more we put in, the more we get out. Learn how to make deposits in the emotional bank accounts of others that pay big dividends in your own.

Authenticity In Leadership

Would you like to give meaning to the idea of integrity of leadership in your business? How do we make it happen?

Learn the secrets of why people join, stay and flourish in an organization. In an hour-long keynote, this program is light and humorous, illustrating the folly and foibles of leadership gone astray, while highlighting the finer points of leadership.


"FowlPlay"© A bird's eye view of the four basic personality styles, how they react & rely, respond & relate to each other - at home, at work, and at play! Embrace the one crucial skill to thrive in this high tech/low touch world.

Take A Stand! It's Time

Brace yourself to be entertained, motivated, challenged and inspired. Drawing on personal life experiences she will lead you on an inward journey that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes and allow your heart to sing and dance! Why she hasn't been on OPRAH is a mystery after bouncing back from life's hard knocks over the past two decades and still managing to find the humor in life's lessons.

A wife, stepmom, rollerblading grandmother of 3, and fairy Godmother to many, Bonnie shares the "human" side of communication with her audiences in a fun, fast-paced interactive presentation. Utilizing music and games Bonnie will involve and captivate you in a heartbeat. Look for several surprises during the program as several audience members were interviewed prior to the event and will be included in the program!


Ever feel like men and women are from different end zones? Come and pick up some tips for communicating task and relationship expectations more effectively. Stop undermining yourself at home and at work. Turn the war of the sexes into a beautifully orchestrated dance. Fun, gender neutral, packed with solid content. Learn to capitalize on gender differences by channeling them into positive outcomes.

This program enhances outcomes in customer service, team relationships, sales and synchronicity in the workplace.

Team Is Not A Four Letter Word

A roadmap for a team by design, not by accident! A fun, fast-paced highly interactive team event for those who want to win big in today's competitive marketplace. Bonnie will challenge you will humor, inspiration and a heart to heart program that electrifies! 2-4 hours works best for the highest level of interfacing and involvement. Interviews are conducted prior to the event and team members are highlighted and spotlighted throughout the presentation!

Rockin' To The Rythm Of Change

In this Presentation, the focus is on celebrating the past and creating the future.

Discover ways to:

• Respond positively to CHANGE

• Breakthrough fears and harness the energy of CHANGE

• Utilize the 5 P's to personal prosperity and a fuller, richer life

Bonnie will challenge you with humor, inspiration help you focus on putting more fun in the life of your business and the business of your life!

Laughter Is A Serious Business Join Bonnie For This Fun, Fast Paced Laughter Workout!

You will learn:

• How to put fun into the life of your business and the business of your life!

• The six letter word that can destroy your life.

• Why a day is wasted in which we don't laugh!

• The five-penny challenge and the focus it creates.

• How to turn frustration into fascination.

• The healing power of humor

• How to make laughter a daily event

Is Your Time Managed By Stress? Motion creates emotion - Do you know where you are headed daily? Are you one of those well-rounded people who find time not only for family and work, but also for exercise, hobbies and activities that contribute to self-development? OR...are you like the rest of us... a mere mortal trying to glean the most from every day until you fall exhausted into your bed at night.

No matter how you look at it we all have the same 24 hours to spend each day - 168 hours a week - 8,735 each year. Join Bonnie Dean, international speaker, rollerblading Grandmother to three in this fun fast-paced presentation packed with practical "how-to's" on how to get more from less.

Audience members will have an opportunity to Share their SOSINSOL (do you know what that is?) Music, games and interactive activities make this a don't miss program.

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