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Bonnie Hagemann    

CEO, Author, Researcher & C-Suite Coach at Executive Development Associates

Bonnie Hagemann is the CEO of Executive Development Associates, a boutique consulting firm specializing in top-of-the-house executive development and the development of high potentials into senior leaders. Hagemann has over 15 years of experience successfully leading consulting firms through times of rapid growth, acquisitions, economic downturn, and downsizing. Hagemann is a highly regarded Executive Coach for CEOs and C-Suite Leaders, as well as a trusted advisor to members of the board. Her rich, intuitive abilities and understanding of the CEO role deeply complement the analytical and business capabilities of top-of-the-house executives. She helps leaders see themselves through the eyes of others, break through performance barriers, and establish their senior teams through assessment and development.

Hagemann leads biennial industry research on Trends in Executive Development, and has over 40 published works including a book on shifting workforce demographics and their impact on leadership, entitled "Decades of Differences" and a newly released book on visionary leadership entitled "Leading with Vision: The Leader's Blueprint for Creating a Compelling Vision and Engaging the Workforce" (May 2017). She is frequently called upon by global media outlets as a subject matter expert and regularly contributes to the Financial Times, Chief Executive, Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Career Builder, US Business Review, Human Resource Executive Magazine, US News and World Report, and Investor’s Business Daily. Bonnie lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area with her husband and two children.  


Speech Topics

Change from the Bottom Up: How Generational Differences in the Workplace are Impacting Corporate Culture

Generation Y (aka: the Millennials) are quickly taking over the workforce and bringing about a swift change in dynamics. As Baby Boomers and Gen Xers react to and try to understand these organizational culture changes, a lot of emotions are being stirred up -- including excitement, confusion, and more than a little fear. The older generations are trying to adjust, showing some signs of optimism, tempered by mild distaste as they hear Millennials’ employment demands. On the surface, it seems that Millennials don’t want to work hard, yet they require a lot of vacation time, big jobs (no grunt work, please), and high salaries. But when we dig a little deeper, we find something else. We find a new generation of idealists who want to change the world and are willing to do the work required to change it. Both the work and the work environment are going to start evolving rapidly, and the changes and the change makers are working from the bottom up instead of from the top down. This generation is not going to fit into the historic corporate America mold. Gen Y’s impact is going to be so substantial that everyone and everything is going to have to make considerable adaptations in response to their move from the minority to the majority of the workforce.

Waiting for the Fog to Lift

Today’s highly complex and increasingly competitive landscape holds leaders to higher standards than ever before. Exemplary leadership makes a difference to corporations, teams, and most importantly, individuals. The rank and file seek someone strong who knows where to go and is capable of rallying others to get there. Are the leaders within your organization clearly articulating their vision and what it takes to collectively achieve it? Or are they waiting for the fog to lift in order to guide the organization forward? Leadership as usual, including creating and articulating a vision, is simply not enough in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. Join CEO and Top Executive Advisor, Bonnie Hagemann for an informative session that correlates the 2016 Trends in Executive Development research with the awareness and the essential skills needed in order to lead well.

In this session, attendees will learn: • The top 5 trends in Executive Development, as identified by 450+ industry experts surveyed • The 4 most lacking competencies in next generation leaders and how to build them • How to navigate and lead within an ever-changing VUCA landscape • Tactics leaders can use to develop vision, adaptability, and courage

Leading with Vision: A Blueprint for Engaging your Workforce

Leading with Vision: A Blueprint for Engaging your Workforce Leaders are trying to both understand and adapt to the cultural shift in the workplace driven by millennials. Casting the vision for the "new" workforce means leaders have to know what motivates and inspires them. These younger workers won't be influenced by money alone - they need more. They need an emotional stake in the game.

466 companies identified the #1 skill leaders need today as the ability to create a compelling vision and engage others around it. This is also the #1 skill that next generation leaders are lacking. We do not have it now and we are not going to have it in the future unless leaders take the time and effort to learn how to lead with vision. In the first book devoted entirely to vision as a key leadership principle, Bonnie Hagemann delves deeply into the notion that a compelling vision that motivates and inspires is a true differentiator for organizations that want to hire and retain talent, be more competitive, and thrive in uncertain times.

At the end of Bonnie's presentation, participants will leave with three deliverables: • A vision outline to help leaders define "where they are going" and "what they want to accomplish" – for themselves and their organization. • A blueprint to engage constituents with a clear plan for creating a compelling vision that resonates at all levels. • Tools to help leaders refine the art of storytelling to enlist enthusiasm and build an emotional connection with constituents.

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