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Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson        

Transformational Trainer, Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of "The Power Within", recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in HR & Professional Development.

Inspirational trainer and transformational coach, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson is a stimulating catalyst for promoting change for purposeful living. Able to meet you where you are to help you get where you are destined to be, she has a gift for identifying self-defeating behaviors and mental blocks that keep you stuck in neutral, living a less-than life. Brenetia is passionate about helping people move past self-imposed limitations and destructive experiences to be the empowered, victorious, successful individuals they are meant to be.

Brenetia most sought after presentations include: - Teambuilding: From Conflict to Collaboration - Leadership Strategies for New Leaders - The Power Within: Empowered to Be Your Authentic Self - Finding Balance: Empowered to Live a Full Life

A 20-year veteran of human resource management and training, she provides professional skills development training to corporate audiences with subject matter expertise in the leadership development / coaching, employee engagement, teambuilding, change management, conflict resolution, and performance management.

Brenetia holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business and Management, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in global management strategies, and a Doctorate of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership. She has advanced certifications as a Master Trainer, Customer Service Professional, Project Manager, Leadership Education Instructor, Team Building Instructor, Volunteer Manager, EEO Counselor, Harassment / Discrimination Instructor, Certified Mediator, and Competent Toastmaster.

She has been honored as Cambridge Whos Who Professionals of the Year and Premiere Whos Who Executive of the Year. Her documented record of success makes her an ideal candidate for any corporate training forum.

Brenetia is the President of Epitome Consulting Services, a training firm in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in training development, coaching services, and HR consulting; and Founding Executive Director of Proverbial Peace Revived (501c3), an outreach organization to help promote healing after traumatic life experiences.

Brenetia provides her audiences with specific practical strategies to tap into your authentic best self, release past traumas, manifest change, and position for personal and professional success.

She is the author of "The Power Within", a life changing book chronicling the emotional healing journey from hopelessness to hope-filled purpose with practical steps to release limitations and embrace the joy of living.

Speech Topics

Areas of Expertise

  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Change Management in the Workplace
  • Dating Violence Awareness
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Effective Leadership for New Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Empowerment after Trauma
  • Finding Purpose & Destiny
  • Formal verses Informal Leadership
  • High Performance Teambuilding
  • Leadership Education
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  • Workplace Communication
  • Workplace Conflict and Resolution
  • Youth Empowerment

EmPowered Woman: Invaluable, Invincible, Unstoppable (Dating Violence Awareness)

Help young women, 16-24 years understand what dating violence is and how to recognize it. Understand the negative long term impact of toxic relationship and how to position themselves to engage in healthy connections. Discuss the numerous red flags of toxic relationships and emotional baggage that drive toxic relationship

Reviving My Purpose: Domestic Violence EmPowerment

Help victims of domestic abuse learn coping strategies to get out and stay out of toxic relationships. Enhance awareness of what toxic relationships are and how to identify if you are at risk for such devastating alliances. Discuss the numerous red flags of toxic relationships and emotional baggage that drive toxic relationship.

Dealing with Difficult People & Difficult Situations

Help leaders effectively deal with difficult people in the workplace and understand the psychology of negativity to combat its effect on workplace productivity.
Discuss why people adopt a negative mentality and recognize and deal with “negativity couriers”. Learn to recognize negativity in self and how to improve a negative mindset.

The Emotionally Intelligent 21st Century Leader

Discuss the critical importance of emotional intelligence (EI) to leadership success. Help leaders assess their EI levels and how to increase your emotional quotient (EQ) for leadership excellence.
Learn strategies to help leaders maximize EI competencies to build a strong foundation to high performance teams by inspiring team members to employ organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs).

Team Building: From Conflict to Collaboration

Help team members understand the power of team synergy in achieving organizational goals. Aid leaders master strategies to build high performing teams and direct productive work group interactions.
Identify conflict resolution styles to maximize converging different styles into productive action.

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Finding Balance: Empowered to Live a Full Life

Learn to balance 4 facets of self to achieve success while eliminating negative stress. Prioritize external expectations and inner desires to achieve targeted goals. Employ efficient use of technology to prevent mental overdrive and maintain peace.

The Power Within: Empowered to Be Your Authentic Self

Learn life changing strategies to tap into your intrinsic power to identify and embrace your authentic self. Identify and release self-defeating thoughts in order to move out of apathy into action. Understand how to transform negative mental models that hinders pursuit of goals and dreams.

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Cambridge Who's Who Honors Brenetia Adams-Rbinson
Cambridge honors Dr. Robinson for excellence in human resource management and community service.

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