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Brian Holloway    

Five-Time NFL All-Pro; Motivation & Team Building Expert

A Stanford All-American, 5 time NFL All-Pro, and All-Star front line competitor, Brian Holloway was the 6'7" powerhouse at the core of the 1985 New England Patriots Super Bowl team. In 1986, Brian Holloway was elected by his peers to forge a new direction in NFL policy, becoming the youngest Vice-President of the NFL Player's Association at age 23. Brian Holloway retired from the NFL in 1992 after eight distinguished seasons with the Patriots and two with the Los Angeles Raiders. In 2013, Brian Holloway was hired by the Baltimore Ravens as a motivational Speaker/Coach/Mentor/Voice of Experience, several days before they became world champions, winning Super Bowl XLVII.

Today, Brian Holloway is an international motivational speaker and renowned corporate trainer, mobilizing companies and organizations in search of peak productivity, helping them achieve new levels of excellence. He understands how to transform thinking within organizations and challenge the competitive spirit of diverse work teams.

Hired by over 200 Fortune 500 Companies from around the world, Brian Holloway has set himself apart in delivering high performance value for hard-charging corporate competitors. In fact, multi-billion dollar giant HP and Compaq called upon Brian Holloway to help meld their two extraordinary cultures into one, single, focused, turned-on team during one of the world's largest industrial mergers.

Featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and The700 Club, Holloway is recognized as a team building expert & visionary. His client list includes: Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Honeywell, MBNA, Bank of America, Apple, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cisco Systems, State Farm, SalomonSmithBarney, Knight Trading, AIG, Reebok, DaimlerChrysler, Best Buy, Wachovia Bank, and thousands more. Brian Holloway has been a featured guest lecturer at Harvard's Business School, Stanford University, Princeton, New York Graduate School of Business and Williams College.

Speech Topics


(45-90 minutes) To Increase Performance, Improve Customer Relationships And Win Gains In Market Share. The most powerful and explosive asset and organization has is the total knowledge base of their TEAM. On Championship TEAMS the knowledge, the ideas, the creativity and the passion comes together for a total TEAM focused effort. These synergies create synergies to achieve a future that was not possible before. In today’s competitive marketplace this is the only competitive advantage that truly exists…this is the SECRET of TEAMS.


(45-90 minutes) Winning TEAMS Win for a reason. They have a Winning System that brings out the Winning Culture and releases the ultimate WINNING Edge! The Winning Attitude. I will literally take you into the most important learning any business leader could ever have that will literally SOLVE FOREVER some of the biggest dilemmas that prevent TEAMS from coming together. You will leave this presentation with the exact step-by-step process that will turn around YOUR TEAM in 24 hours. Once this system is in place – you will never again be blind sided by backbiting, blameshifting and the silent but deadly, withholding – organizational viruses that Kill fast company. (All this stuff operates invisibly underneath the organizations conversation, crushing inspiration, sucking the life and energy out of the living system. One senior executive replied…”I learned more about organizational excellence in this fast paced jammed packed 3 hours – than I did in MBA at Harvard.”


(45-90 minutes) For Those High Powered Executives That Must Make The Impossible Happen. This is the crown jewel of motivational keynotes. It is the most requested keynote from my clients that include 228 Fortune 500. After 16 years inside the Super Culture of World Class competitors and 12 years inside corporate boardrooms this is the most important conversation they will ever have. These are my promises. (1) I will get leaders “un-stuck” once and for all. (2) I will uncover the untapped wealth, power & potential that lies harbored inside the flurry of business activity. (3) I will provide the solutions to getting people on-board once and for all. (4) I will clearly define the pathway to the next level and provide the momentum to get there. (5) The impact will be measured in decades.


(The Ultimate Winning Edge!) Getting To The Next Level! -- Turn Around The Stubborn & Resistant to Become The Inspired Super Charged TEAM. No more sleepless nights wonder what “else” is going to happen next. There’s nothing worst than living in the nightmare of your dream that is dying hard. In today’s high paced, stressed out business environment the competitive charge has turned from WINNING –- to seeking security and hoping for survival. This is not a time for resignation and despair – it’s time to break out of the “box” and reinvent who we are in the face of the impossible. In Sales we must have the mindset of the Champions. This is how we WIN the sacred CUSTOMER


to secure the life client relationship. No more backbiting. No more blame shifting. No more silent but deadly withholding. It’s time to get back in the GAME and get to the next level. This keynote is a jaw dropper. High impact. This gets your TEAM from the sidelines as spectators to the field as a PLAYMAKER. (Most people who are talking about being burnt out – haven’t even been lit yet.) Entertaining. Fun. High Energy. Interactive.


-- WINNING! With YOUR TWO MINUTE OFFENSE!** This is not a keynote. This is a WAKE UP CALL! This is high-level corporate learning when you are in THE PEAK MOMENT. There are 7 very specific things a LEADER must do to reach their TEAM to launch the TWO-MINUTE OFFENSE. TWO-MINUTE OFFENSE is the most powerful battlefield strategy that can advance your position FAST; it requires that you MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPEN. It all comes down to energy, execution and an obsessed PASSION to WIN. The bottom line… it’s CRUNCH time and there is no margin for error. You don’t just turn this switch on and off – you must develop this high octane MUSCLE within the culture, conversation, attitude and beliefs. It’s the only way to SUCCEED in a shifting, uncertain and turbulent future.

Executive Bootcamp.

(1 Day) This is not a speech. This is a thoughtful conversation for the serious minded. THIS IS HARD.

The Passion of the Playmaker.

The most requested client keynote from the Fortune 500. “Powerful! Meaningful! Relevant! Important! Inspirational!”

Win the Customer Experience.

In Sales we must have the mindset of the Champion to win, to secure the life client. “A High Speed Roller Coaster Ride You Will Never Forget!”


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