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Brian Parsley        

Recruitment & Employee Retention Expert, Managing Partner at The Constance Group

Brian Parsley’s professional career follows the classic trajectory—working upward from the bottom rung in the Temporary Staffing Business where he learned door to door selling. From that experience he founded and sold two successful start-up companies in both online learning and online recruitment space over a 10-year period.

Parsley is currently a managing partner in the global consulting firm, The Constance Group. His work has given him the opportunity to share his methodology and allowed him to use his gifts of teaching and speaking on an international platform on topics of sales optimization, building loyal customers, and leadership strategies that drive profits.

Fun fact, Parsley has close to one million followers on Tik Tok doing fun pranks. He may be in his 50’s, but he’ll never lose his sense of humor.

Speech Topics

Mastering Authentic Communication

Imagine if you could build more meaningful relationships personally and professionally. This program leverages a modelling approach that allows you to deal with life’s opportunities and challenges. This seminar blends both personal and professional perspectives to maximize outcomes.

You’ll uncover practical and actionable strategies that’ll deliver results into the real world now.

Brian’s program has been described as the study of what works to build rapport and significantly improve the results you achieve, by helping your team improve their ability to understand how others think and master their own communication.

Lead like a Super Hero

Leadership Communication

Selling Is for Losers

When was the last time most sales professionals audited why they didn’t close the sale? Here’s a hint: It’s rarely the price or competition.

Most people over complicate the selling process. Albert Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Imagine if you could close a sale in five questions

What is your pain/need/problem?

What criteria are you going to use to choose your provider?

What is your definition of those criteria?

Why are those criteria so important to you?

If I can provide a solution that satisfies those criteria better than anyone else, will I be your provider? There are many skills and techniques used to get answers to those questions. However, if you can get the true answer to those questions, you will win.

This custom program will look at your current messaging and sales strategy. We will work with your subject matter experts to align our proven methodology to share real life scenarios they can apply the moment they walk out the door.

Anything less than a process this effective, would under serve your goal to be the authority in your vertical.

Be The Leader You Want To Have

If you want to win in today’s ever-changing marketplace you must stand out. It doesn’t matter if you’re first to market anymore, because chances are in a few months your product or service could be obsolete. If you want to grow revenues and beat the competition you must focus on something that actually matters.

You will learn strategic communication strategies that will magnify a team’s potential. Proven tactics to engage, empower and persuade others to accomplish more with excitement versus malicious obedience.

They will walk away with a deeper understanding of how behaviors drive actions within the organization. Stop hiring for skill and firing for attitude forever.

This talk is customized based on your culture and company challenges.

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