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YouTube Star Known as "The Man of a Kajillion Voices"

Brock Baker was born on March 7, 1986 in Littleton, Colorado. Right then, his parents knew he was destined for fame due to his perfect impression of an infant child. From here on out, he continued to do impressions of everyone and everything around him. People on TV, neighbors, pets, even the coffee table. Brock is also a comedian, a writer, a director and a hand model. Have you seen his hands? They're divine. Brock has always had the knack for making people laugh.

Skip ahead a bunch of years to 2006. YouTube is the wave of the future. Brock decided to post impression videos for all to see. It was a rocky start, but thanks to hard work, determination and countless hours of practice and coffee, Brock has become the most viewed and most subscribed impressionist on all of Youtube. His videos have amassed over 100 million views, and the general consensus is that people love Brock and they want more! They also love his beard. Brock is also a beard model. Brock then gave himself the title "The Man of a Kajillion Voices." How many is a "kajillion," you ask? Around 300-400. "Kajillion" just sounded cool.

Brock has also done work for the likes of Oreo, Google, Mondo Media, How It Should Have Ended, AFLAC and more! Brock plans to take over the world with his comedy, voice, beard and lightning that shoots from his fingers. Join him, won't you?


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